Cree Appointment Of New Chairman And Two Board Members

- Oct 29, 2018-

CREE announced the results of its annual shareholders meeting, including the appointment of a new chairman and two newly elected board members.——LED chip

Darren R. Jackson was appointed chairman by the board of directors. Jackson joined the Cree board in May 2016. He served on the board of Advance Auto Parts and served as CEO from January 2008 to January 2016.——LED chip

John C. Hodge and Duy-Loan T. Le were elected members of the board. Hodge has extensive experience as a director of semiconductor companies, while Le specializes in semiconductor technologies such as chip design and wafer fabrication.——LED chip

"We are very pleased to welcome Mr. Hodge and MS Le to the Cree board." Darren Jackson, Cree's new chairman, said, "They will help the leadership shape our vision of building a world-class semiconductor company. Their rich industry experience is invaluable and will help us drive innovation and market expansion in SiC and GaN-based, focusing on a variety of applications in different areas, such as automobiles, telecommunications and energy.——LED chip

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