Crystal Photoelectricity Application Of High Performance-price Ratio Ceramic Packaging In Outdoor Lighting

- Dec 27, 2018-

At the 2009 Jibang Advisory LED Market Prospective Analysis Conference jointly organized by Jibang Advisory's LED inside and China's LED Network, Liu Zhihua, Director of Crystal Energy Optoelectronics Market, shared with the audience the high cost-effective LED ceramic encapsulated lamp beads products and application cases for outdoor lighting.——LED lighting

Ceramic brackets naturally have higher thermal conductivity, low thermal resistance, high temperature and humidity resistance, UV resistance, high current resistance and other characteristics. Ceramic encapsulated LED lamp beads are "glorious" for a while. From 2008 to 2014, they have blossomed alone. According to incomplete statistics, more than 90% of the world's outdoor lighting sources are ceramic encapsulation. However, EMC packaging brought about by technological progress has the advantage of high cost-performance ratio, so it can not catch up with the trend of stealing the "cheese" of domestic ceramic packaging. Ceramic packaging, which has been criticized for its high cost, can only stick to a small share.——LED lighting

Of course, EMC is not perfect, and its reliability still lags behind that of ceramic packaging. For example, the reflectivity of EMC bracket decreases to about 80% of its initial state when it is aged at 150 degrees for 1000 hours; the material itself has water absorption and can not solve the problem of air tightness; the anti-vulcanization ability is poor; the low-temperature solder paste patch makes the LED easy to fall off under extreme conditions; the thermal conductivity is low and the effective life is short, etc. This is also the main reason why the outdoor lighting market in Europe and the United States is still dominated by high-power ceramic packaging. In landscape lighting of gardens and buildings, some products requiring small angle and some products with high illumination are still the best choice.——LED lighting

Fortunately, the continuous progress of technology has led to the emergence of new application markets. High-end applications such as automotive headlights, mobile flashlights, mobile lighting (high-end aluminium shell flashlights, headlights, mining lights, etc.) and ultraviolet curing have become the dominant application fields of ceramic packaging penetration. Liu Zhihua said: "In the past five years, crystalline photovoltaics has extended the advantages of chips to ceramic packaging, gradually penetrated into the above areas, and built its own advantages, market and brand in the field of high-end and high-power ceramic packaging."——LED lighting

Of course, the market always calls for more cost-effective products. Liu Zhihua said: Crystal Energy Photoelectricity has been committed to ceramic packaging process optimization and product performance improvement, using mature packaging technology, collaborative supply chain, the introduction of outdoor lighting high cost-effective ceramic packaging products, its 3535 ceramic packaging (45mil chip size) price is less than 0.9 yuan, 1.5-2 times lower than the price of similar products of foreign brands, but the light efficiency is still 170-180 lm/w (equivalent to 2-3 lm/w). Medium power LED.——LED lighting

Liu Zhihua introduced that although the cost of HF light source is slightly higher than that of EMC3030, the cost of integrated light source is almost the same. Besides the reliability of high power LED ceramic package, its unit area can withstand more current, and its luminous area is small, its optical design is simple, and it can be greatly reduced in the household. System cost of high-end market applications for external lighting.——LED lighting

At present, all the crystal photoelectric high-power LED ceramic encapsulated beads have passed LM-80 test, and have been used in road lighting and landscape lighting in Ningbo, Nanchang, Guangzhou, Nansha, Hangzhou, Yinchuan and other cities throughout the country. "Our goal is to help middle and high-end customers create more value in the fierce market competition, and develop, benefit and grow together with customers." Liu Zhihua introduced.——LED lighting

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