Crystal Power: Blue Light Products Under Pressure, The Second Half Of The Year To Increase The Proportion Of Four Yuan To 4%.

- Jul 20, 2018-

Crystal electricity in yesterday (18) day dividend, 0.8 yuan per share (NT dollar, the same) dividend, dividend reference price of 37.05 yuan, lighting, backlighting two major production lines met the mainland factory capacity competition, blue light product pressure, second quarter revenue of 5 billion 294 million yuan, the quarterly increase rate 2.8%, the annual rate of 2 percent, the third season backlight season, operating can be expected to return temperature In the second half of the year, the proportion of four yuan products rose by 4. New mainland production capacity, blue light product price pressure floating, crystal first quarter gross profit rate of 17.22%, a new low in the near six quarter, the profit of 2.47%, after tax surplus of 399 million yuan, 0.37 yuan per share, the second quarter backlighting, lighting business improvement limited, still will maintain a small earning grid.

Crystal electricity continues to increase the proportion of better four yuan products, and the ratio will rise from 35% to 4 in the second half of the year. The first resolution of the board of directors will cut the VCSEL business into "crystal semiconductor", which means the first step is taken.

Through the simple division, the operating value of the agency is divided into 100% new subsidiaries, "crystal semiconductor", with a total of 100 million yuan. The division base day is October 1st, the company mainly engaged in VCSEL, GaN on Si electronic components and other generation services, the initial annual revenue of about 1-2 billion yuan, currently 4 inch epitaxy A monthly capacity of about 2 thousand pieces, mainly used in data transmission, 6 inch epitaxy capacity has been completed, a monthly capacity of about 5-6 thousand tablets, the use of consumer electronic 3D sensing, the generation of work customers can expect to start delivery by the end of the year.