Crystal Power Recovered Its Temperature In January And Ended Its Three Consecutive Months Of Decline.

- Feb 17, 2019-

Crystal Power, a major LED chip manufacturer, recovered 1.268 billion yuan in January (NT$1.26 billion, the same below), ending a three-month recession. However, the annual decline rate was still 32.4%. In February, due to the reduction of working days, revenue was still under downward pressure.

Influenced by the traditional off-season and year-end inventory, Crystal Telecom's revenue performance in December last year was weak, reaching a monthly low in recent years. In January, its revenue returned to growth under the pre-holiday pull-in. According to Crystal Telecom's statistics, its revenue recovered in January rose to 1.268 billion yuan, increased by 6.56% monthly and decreased by 32.4% annually. However, compared with the past, it recorded a low record in the same period in the past ten years, and its revenue performance still tended to be weak. Weak.

Under the haze of trade frictions, the visibility of the LED industry is not high. Crystal Television has locked in the transformation of Mini LED backlight and display this year, and the benefits of emission remain to be observed.

Last year, however, Jingdian simply divided its VCSEL OEM Department into crystal semiconductor. This year, Huanyu-KY was introduced smoothly before the Lunar New Year. The two sides signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Crystallized semiconductor will replace Huanyu-KY OEM with a 6-inch factory. Because the main profit of crystal is to replace the cost of labor, the stock price reaction is not as fierce as Huanyu-KY. Both sides have agreed to complete the stock right delivery by March this year, and the future of Huanyu-KY is not in line. In addition to continue to increase the number of crystals into shareholdings.