Crystallin Technology, Launched By A Us Company, Can Be Used In Mini/Micro LED Displays

- May 29, 2018-

Nano-chemical company Light Polymers has announced Crystallin technology for emerging Micro and Mini LED displays, foreign media reported.

The new material is based on lysogenic liquid crystal technology and Crystallin will accelerate the adoption of microleds and Mini leds in cars, laptops, desktops and industrial applications, the company said.

The company's new film USES a patented water-based gel ionic liquid crystal that can be used to convert the blue Mini LED and the MicroLED Crystallin phosphor.

Light crystpolymers press the conversion film layer under allin Performance PDC 100 phosphor onto a blue Mini LED or MicroLED substrate and provide up to 85% color range.

In addition, the Crystallin Premium PDC 500 can be laminated onto a blue Mini LED or MicroLED substrate, while the Crystallin Premium PDC 500 can provide up to 95 percent of the color range.

Light Polymers point out that up to 95 percent of the color domain is similar to the performance of a non-cadmium quantum dot thin film, without the thickness and cost problems typically associated with the use of highly reliable industrial standard fluorescent powders.

In addition, PDC 100 and PDC 500 thin films can also be used as diffusers without additional diffusers.

Light Polymers is a nano chemical company located in San Francisco, was founded in 2013, in the aspect of soluble liquid crystal has a profound knowledge and professional knowledge, there are many applications, including OLED displays, LED lighting and building materials.

Light Polymers recently launched a series of human-centric eye safety tasks and research lighting.

With more than 50 patents pending, its water-based soluble liquid crystal nano-chemistry is under application.