Current Releases One - On - One LED Plant Lamps To Replace The 1000 - Watt High - Pressure Sodium Lamps

- Jun 17, 2019-

Recently, the Current released Element Arize Top Light LED garden lighting lamps and lanterns, this is the first one to one replacement of high pressure sodium lamp 1000 w LED products.

Arize Element has the multispectral, can promote the growth of certain crops to the greatest extent, thus growers can customize according to the specific needs of each crop.

Arize Element Top Light lamps Light intensity of 3.5 mu mol/J (micromoles/bajaur), more than the previous 3.2 u mol/J.

The photosynthetic photon flux exceeds 1800.

The working life of lamps is 36000 hours, while the working life of high-pressure sodium lamps is only 8000 hours.

Compared with high-pressure sodium lamp and so on system, Arize Elemen Top Light Light output is very high, but the heat generated by the few, can provide ideal spectrum so as to promote crop growth, the best at the same time saves the cost of cooling.

Arize, moreover, the installation of the Element is common, there are dozens of different ways to put this kind of lamps and lanterns is installed on the existing structure, greatly reduce the installation time.

At the same time, the luminaire has a unique design that minimizes shadows and allows maximum natural light penetration.

Current, said the company has been expanding LED garden lighting Arize product family, and it has been applied to the urban farm in all continents.