Debang Lighting Dimmer LED Lamps And Other Products Have Received Patent Certificates

- Dec 24, 2018-

With the increasing awareness of intellectual property rights inside and outside the industry, more and more LED enterprises are strengthening patent work and management to promote innovation and development.——LED Christmas light

It is reported that yesterday, Debon Lighting issued a patent certificate announcement. The company says it has recently obtained patent certificates issued by the State Intellectual Property Office and the United States Patent and Trademark Office, including one design patent and five invention patents.——LED Christmas light

Overseas patents, the company's LED lamp was awarded a design patent, patent number 25/519, 389. The design patent discloses a R lamp, which can reduce the weight of the whole lamp, have no metal heat sink, and hollow out design is more conducive to air circulation, and achieve the effect of accelerating heat dissipation speed.——LED Christmas light

Domestic patents include five invention patents, including a guide device and its implementation method for on-lamp conductor, a new structure LED omnidirectional bulb lamp and its implementation method, an indoor LED intelligent lighting system based on multi-sensor data fusion, a multi-functional landscape lighting control device and its implementation method, and a light-adjustable LED lamp. The patent numbers are 201510872484, respectively. 3. 201510470373.X, 201510714908.3, 201610223497.2 and 201510714660.0.——LED Christmas light

According to the announcement, a guide device for the lead of the lamp head and its realization method disclose a guide device for the lead of the lamp head, including a carrier, a first lifting cylinder, several plastic shells, a central conductor, a guide plate group, a lamp head, a hollow tube, a clamping cylinder, a second lifting cylinder connection, etc. It has simple structure, low cost, high production efficiency and strong labor. Low degree, good product quality and high qualified rate.——LED Christmas light

A new type of structure LED omnidirectional bulb lamp and its realization method disclose a secondary optical system, that is, LED substrate + diffused bulb shell, which combines Mie scattering technology and refraction technology, directly realizes Omni-directional Bulb light distribution requirements in Energy Star standard through bulb shell. The assembly process is simple, realizes the improvement of optical transmittance, reduces the cost of bare lamp and production and manufacturing costs. ——LED Christmas light

An indoor LED intelligent lighting system based on multi-sensor data fusion discloses an indoor LED intelligent lighting system based on multi-sensor data fusion, which includes low power supply, multi-sensor module, data processing fusion module, intelligent control module, LED driver module, LED lamps and wireless communication module. The system can produce corresponding lighting control strategies for different indoor lighting needs, which not only improves the lighting effect and comfort, but also saves electricity and prolongs the lamp life.——LED Christmas light

A multifunctional landscape lighting control device discloses a realization method of a multifunctional landscape lighting control device. It is applied to the landscape lighting control system. It provides a multi-functional landscape lighting control device with simple structure, low cost, high-speed data buffer/concurrency, good light softness, multi-interface and wide application range.——LED Christmas light

The dimmer LED lamps disclose the dimmer LED lamps, including lamp head, lamp body and handle. There are three LED lamp groups in the lamp head. Each LED lamp group includes a high color temperature LED string and a low color temperature LED string. The handle includes an adjustable driver module, a light tone control module and a rechargeable battery. The handle is connected to the lamp body through a multi-card adjustable knob. The light tone pitch module consists of two brightness adjustment knobs and three dial switches. Under their combined control, the lamp can emit light with high, low color temperature and its intermediate color temperature, thus realizing the adjustment of color temperature, spectrum and brightness.——LED Christmas light

Debon Lighting said that the above patents have been applied to the company's related products. Moreover, the acquisition of the above patents will not have a significant impact on the company's current production and operation, but it can enhance the differences in product appearance and technology, help the company to further improve the intellectual property protection system, form a continuous innovation mechanism, give full play to the advantages of independent intellectual property rights, and thus enhance the company's core competitiveness.——LED Christmas light

In addition, as of December 20, the company and its subsidiaries have obtained 268 valid patent certificates (including 15 overseas authorized patents), including 60 invention patents, 131 utility model patents and 77 design patents.——LED Christmas light

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