Deep Analysis: The Latest Achievements Of Modern Plant Lighting

- Mar 04, 2019-

Light is the basic factor of plant growth and development. It can not only provide energy for photosynthesis, but also regulate plant life activities, such as seed germination, seedling formation, flowering and fruiting. Therefore, plant lighting technology is an indispensable part of modern agricultural construction, especially for areas lacking land resources and lighting conditions, plant lighting is particularly important.

Full Spectrum Illumination Leads New Direction of Modern Plant Illumination

A series of plant responses to light environment are based on light absorption by photoreceptors (photosynthetic pigments, photosensitive pigments, etc.). According to the light absorption characteristics of plants (Fig. 1), plant growth requires multi-band light, i.e. full spectrum light.

Fig. 1 Photoabsorption Spectrum Curve of Plant Growth

Recently, through technological innovation, National Star Photoelectric Research and Development Center optimizes the spectral curve of products, and launches a series of white LED products for plant lighting. This series of products cover the continuous spectrum from blue light, green light, red light to far red light. It realizes a variety of spectral integration schemes for plant demand, greatly improves the cost-effectiveness of plant lighting, and is suitable for the growth needs of most plants.


The new series of full spectrum white LED products are specially designed. The proportion of far red light band (>7%) is increased from 700 to 800 nm. The double light gain effect of red light and far red light on photosynthetic rate is beneficial to promote the growth of plants (leafy vegetables) and increase the yield of plants.

Compared with traditional full-spectrum white LED devices, Guoxing has developed special formulations and processes to achieve higher photosynthetic photon flux efficiency (PPE). Under steady-state conditions, the photon quantum flux efficiency is up to 3.0 micromol/J, which is 10% higher than that of the same kind of full-spectrum white LED devices. It significantly improves the efficiency of plant light source utilization and energy use efficiency, and promotes the efficient and healthy growth of plants.

Customized light source to meet the growth needs of different plants

In August last year, Guoxing Photoelectric formally established the Non-Visual Light Source Division, focusing on the development and promotion of products in the sub-areas of infrared, ultraviolet, animal and plant lighting. At present, a mature series of color LED products have been introduced, covering UVB, UVA, green, blue, red, and far red LED products. Customers can customize appropriate light source according to plant species and development characteristics to meet the needs of different plants in different growth cycles.

In the future, Guoxing Optoelectronics will continue to strengthen and consolidate its dominant position in the field of packaging, further increase R&D investment, continue to make efforts in plant lighting innovation technology, develop advanced technology and products, and provide suitable plant lighting device solutions for domestic and foreign customers.