Delivery To The Customer's Dome Light Order Today

- Apr 27, 2018-

After working overtime last night and busy this morning, we have finished all the 18W dome light and 24W dome light that the customer asked for. After the completion of the production, several bad products have been found. So the delivery is still worse today, and then we will go back to the factory. In our factory, we should strictly control the quality of lamps, and if we find bad products, we will delay or make less delivery, and we will not deliver bad products to our customers. Of course, this situation belongs to a little accidental phenomenon, because the customer is too urgent, can not only catch the job, so I hope that when the customers choose our lamps and lanterns, let us know in advance, especially the foreign customers, the formalities are tedious, the logistics time is long, we need to know more ahead of time, so we are ready to be prepared and guaranteed quantity and quantity. Complete.