Delta Has Completed Its Acquisition Of Amerlux, The Us LED Building Lighting Company

- Jun 10, 2019-

Delta electronics, a taiwan-based supplier of power management and cooling solutions, announced the completion of its acquisition of Amerlux LLC, an American LED building lighting solutions company.

Under the terms of the deal, delta electronics of the Netherlands, a wholly owned subsidiary of delta, acquired 100 per cent of Amerlux.

With the acquisition of Amerlux, delta electronics will expand its portfolio of intelligent green Internet of things solutions for sustainable buildings and sustainable cities, including building automation, energy management, commercial and industrial LED lighting, monitoring and indoor environmental quality systems.

Zheng ping, delta's CEO, said the acquisition integrates Amerlux's product portfolio and the company is eager for new synergies and opportunities.

Amerlux's reputation in the building LED lighting industry will strengthen delta's position as a complete solution provider.

According to the data, Amerlux, headquartered in Oakland, New Jersey, USA, is one of the leading brands of architectural LED lighting solutions, providing innovative high-end indoor and outdoor lighting, focusing on quality, energy efficiency and aesthetics.

After the deal closes, Amerlux will continue to manufacture indoor and outdoor lighting products at its existing plant in New Jersey.

Meanwhile, the company's current management and staff will remain unchanged.