Design And Analysis Of Solar LED Street Lamp Based On Single Chip Microcomputer

- Jul 23, 2018-

Along with the high-speed development of the city road, people growing demand for high-tech energy-saving photovoltaic street lighting, solar LED street lamp as a typical green lighting light source, has a broad application prospect, according to factors such as solar energy resources, climate condition, control mode, the reasonable design of solar LED street light, make sure the solar LED street light energy saving, reliable work, meet the requirement for high performance lighting.



With the continuous consumption of traditional energy, people pay more attention to the application of new energy, especially for renewable and clean solar energy.

As an application field of solar energy, solar street lamp has attracted more and more attention with the development of urban construction and traffic.

The control part of street lamp in this design adopts STC12C5410AD single-chip computer as the core, and the peripheral circuit includes voltage acquisition, load output control, detection, LED display and keyboard, etc.



1. Solar street lamp system



The solar street lamp system belongs to an independent solar photovoltaic power generation system, which consists of solar panels, batteries, lamps, control boxes and lampposts.

The core composition of the solar street lamp system is shown in figure 1.


FIG. 1 core composition of solar street lamp system


FIG. 1 core composition of solar street lamp system


 图1 太阳能路灯系统的核心组成


The system consists of solar cell square array (including battery support), street lamp control box (including battery pack, controller, etc.), LED lighting lamp holder and lamppost.

The lamp head part adopts 1w-power LED white light integrated into the point array arranged at a certain distance on the circuit board as the planar light source.

LED is a new light source in the 21st century. It is the fourth generation of light source after incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp and high pressure gas lamp.

Street lamp control box body is made of stainless steel material, beautiful and durable, decorate in the lead-acid battery and the corresponding charge and discharge control element, the charging and discharging controller and the design of the core link, want to consider function and cost, function with optical, time control, discharge protection, overcharge protection, reverse connection protection and achieve better cost performance.


2. Solar lamp controller

The solar controller is applied in the solar pv system and coordinates the work of solar panels, batteries and ac/dc loads. It is the most important component of the photovoltaic system and maintains the safe, reliable and efficient operation of the whole solar pv system.

The operating parameters of the photovoltaic power system are collected at a high speed in real time. According to certain control rules, the software program is used to control the switching on and off of single or multiple photovoltaic cell arrays.

Using the photovoltaic effect principle of the solar cell to receive solar radiation during the day and translated into electricity output, through the charge and discharge controller, stored in a battery, the night when the light is dark, use of charging and discharging controller automatically detect luminosity, control of battery discharge lamp holder, in order to protect the storage battery, avoid overdischarge, battery discharge after 8.5 hours, automatic charging and discharging controller action, switch, battery discharge end.

This controller can automatically recognize the 12 v and 24 v battery, the battery can be scientific management, also for battery operation instructions, such as overvoltage, undervoltage load output and two road, every road load rated current can reach 5 a, two road load according to the actual need, can be arbitrarily set to time-sharing light, and light or separate timing and other works, the controller can also implement such as short circuit, over-current protection function of load, has the high level of intelligence and automation.


3. Road lighting planning and design



3.1 tilt Angle design




In order for solar cells to receive more solar radiation energy in one year and improve the utilization rate of solar energy, it is necessary to set the optimal tilt Angle of solar cell components according to the local dimension.



3.2 wind resistance design



In the design of solar street lamp system, wind-resistant design is a problem that needs special attention.



3.3 lighting arrangement


Road lighting design should be based on the site and road characteristics, combined with lighting requirements, the choice of high-pole lighting or conventional lighting.

The layout of conventional lighting lamps can be divided into five ways: double-side staggered layout, double-side symmetrical layout, single-side layout, central symmetrical layout and horizontal suspension cable arrangement. Which one should be chosen specifically?



3.4 lighting design



For the modern society, urban road construction is the key to urban construction. The colorful lights at night are the symbol of modern urban economic development and civilization progress. Therefore, road lighting and road construction should be carried out simultaneously.

In the planning and design, according to the width of the road and the condition of the green isolation zone, single row, double row or single, double arm lighting should be adopted. The lamps and lanterns with certain color, height, shape and lamp pole should be used to coordinate the configuration with the surrounding environment to make the road lighting spectacular and bright.



4. Conclusion



Controller system of the solar LED street light, is the STC12C5410AD MCU as the core, to achieve the effective management of storage battery and load operation, increase the efficiency of solar panels, prolong the service life of the battery, can prevent the occurrence of accidents due to line problem, has the characteristics of low cost, reliable design, has the high application promotion value.

Solar street lamp is easy to operate, reliable, convenient to use, energy-saving and environment-friendly, which fully reflects various advantages of solar energy utilization. It is especially suitable for use in remote areas, pastoral areas and some mountainous areas.