Dialogue On The Future And The Resonance Of The Times

- May 07, 2019-

Digital power is reshaping the value chain of lighting industry. In the new era, lighting enterprises and emerging technologies are integrated. From single lighting to interconnected lighting, the potential of light is gradually released. At the same time, the business model is also changing. From single fighting to cross-border cooperation, enterprises are gradually building a new ecosphere.

On the other hand, in the face of a series of challenges such as technology-driven industry chaos, resource shortage, government policy changes, rapidly changing consumer demand and market fluctuations, we are looking for a new strategic deployment in 2019.

In 2019, is it to fight hard or to stand firm?

"Attack, Keep the Wind Forward" OR "Keep, Keep the Originality"

One attack, one defense, seemingly ordinary words and sentences conversion, but the lighting industry in the operation and development of the thinking points needed. With the rapid development of technology to promote the continuous development of industry, enterprises must have the spirit of continuous progress and breakthroughs, in order to always stand in the forefront of the industry. While looking forward to the market prospects, we should return to the humanized foundation, adhere to the craftsman's heart, clarify the management and innovation ideas. This may be where the "offensive and defensive way" is rooted in the lighting industry and makes the enterprise base evergreen.

The highly anticipated 2019 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE) Forum has finally unveiled its mystery. This year's forum focused on "Thinking about lighting - attacking and defending", focusing on the "new era - the wind and the wind" and the "reverse attack in the cold winter - the road to the cold", bringing together global industry leaders and industry And its industrial chain ecological partners, together with the most cutting-edge technology, the latest products and solutions in this field, sharing the innovation and practice, cooperation and win-win of enterprises under the "new era, new life" in industrial transformation and upgrading The way.

New Age, New Life - Keep the Wind out

In the new era of AIOT and 5G, lighting enterprises are actively attacking, changing their thinking, reshaping the lighting industry and releasing unlimited possibilities of light-merging with the Internet of Things, transforming from single lighting to interconnected lighting, and transforming enterprises into high-tech enterprises; internationalization is also another major trend of the times. Lighting enterprises are expediting overseas markets from home and opening up broader markets. Field space.

At the same time, with the development of the times, lighting has given mankind more new values and meanings. In the new lighting era, the public is also pursuing a new life, using light visual aesthetics to enhance the taste of space life, so that our life is better. The new lifestyle also opens up cross-border cooperation in lighting industry and constructs a brand-new industry ecosphere.

Prelude -- "The Covenant of the Eleventh Tang Dynasty"

The Theme Conference was opened by Mr. Tang Guoqing, a leading lighting company in the lighting industry. With his unique style, Tang 11 has an appointment. It is a one-to-one format and four leading lighting enterprises in the world: Xinuofei, Osram and Opel's lighting theory on the strategic development of the new era:

The age of AIOT

In the era of AIOT, AI brings breakthroughs to lighting products. Intelligent lighting products can provide more personalized and intimate lighting solutions through large data analysis.

The age of 5G

Zero-delay HD screen, delayed network transmission, real-time data analysis enabling lighting, promote the demand for smart city, smart pole. In order to truly land, it is necessary to combine the transformation thinking of municipal, software application, equipment suppliers, communication enterprises and lighting enterprises. The conference will bring together different industries to discuss the opportunities of 5G era, the integration of cloud and network application practice, the integration of 5G base station and smart lamp pole, and the discussion of the business model of smart lamp pole.

Transboundary Era

Cross-border, Building Intelligent Ecosphere Age - How can lighting enterprises achieve maximum value and development through cross-border cooperation, how can intelligent lighting achieve maximum value and development through Internet platform? Is the development of cross-border technology of intelligent lighting mature, what opportunities and trends are there? Million levels of intelligent lighting products have emerged, and how can systematic intelligent lighting products release potential opportunities? AI + IOT mode is Daping. How can intelligent lighting products be more suitable for market development, new retail, new design, new channels, more formats, and how to achieve cross-border win-win?

new life

The new retail era is rich and humanized lighting method. It tells about a new retail mode focusing on user needs, emphasizing the interactive experience between people and commodities, integrating lighting and commodities into the scene and bringing immersion shopping to customers. In Landscape 4.0 era, how to make use of the wisdom and technology of the Federation of Things in the process of design, construction and management, highlight the interaction between people and light and shadow, attach importance to the sensory experience and intelligent operation of the audience, and integrate regional culture, night economy and environmental protection into lighting?

Master sharing

Experience Talk Mr. Brad Koerner, Mr. Guan Yongquan, Mr. Enrique Peiniger and other global masters conduct a debate on advanced ideas.

The Adverse Attack in Winter-the Way to Prevent the Cold

Digital transformation brings new opportunities for lighting industry. Intelligent, sustainable and interconnected lighting is emerging. The complex and changeable business environment brings more opportunities for cross-border integration and continuous challenges to the industry. At the same time, the quality of light has become the most important part of the lighting industry. We are also rethinking the nature of lighting - in terms of providing light sources, perfect.

Closing -- "Temperature and Contracts"

At the closing of the forum, Mr. Wen Qidong, Deputy Secretary-General of the Lighting Electrical Appliances Association, will join hands with representatives of the industry and outstanding lighting enterprises such as Sansi and Huacan to share their ways of resisting the cold in the conference - how to keep their own standard, rethink the essence of lighting, put the needs of users and humanistic care at the first place, make every product attentively, and inherit the spirit of craftsmanship.


Gather wise thinking and create a new situation in the industry. Nearly 1,000 industry leaders around the world work hand in hand to focus on the most central part of Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition and discuss the way to attack and defend industrial development.

Dialogue about the future resonates with the times. If you leave a message at the bottom of the article and ask questions for dialogue with the guests, you will be the protagonist of the forum and the times. If the questions are accepted by the organizers, you will get a beautiful gift.

From June 9 to 11, we look forward to rethinking lighting with lighting industry, giving more wisdom and value to lamps, exploring more possibilities of light, making light ultimately used by people, merging with our lives, and becoming the best tool to change our lives. In 2019, are you fighting hard or holding your ground? Looking forward to your participation!