Direct Installation Of Color LED Technology By Japan Asia Chemistry

- May 07, 2018-

It is reported that the Japanese Asia Chemical day has said that it has introduced discrete color options for its direct installation chip series, a technology similar to industry chip - level packaging (CSP).

Plus the white option that has been released before, the color of the chip can be directly installed in today's Asia, which includes treasure blue, green, amber and red. Sun Ya chemical pointed out that this innovative color solution adopts the unique blue tube and phosphor technology of Japan Chemical. Each color chip in the new color lineup initially had the same blue tube core. The blue light is then converted to the desired color by adding a special mixture of phosphors.

Japan Asia chemistry revealed that this design uses the same wavelength chip for each color, and then uses a unique mixture of phosphors to convert the wavelength to the desired color, providing a great advantage for the fixture manufacturers and designers. Using the same wavelength chip in each color can coordinate the forward voltage of the entire direct mounting chip series. The same forward voltage can simplify the circuit design. In addition, unlike other discrete color technologies, the internal structure of each directly mounted chip is the same. Therefore, the directivity (beam angle) and focal length of light are the same, which makes the optical design more intuitive. Finally, compared with the traditional red AlInGaP LED, the thermal attenuation characteristics of the red directly mounted chip converted by phosphor are greatly improved. The result of this performance improvement is that the in-situ performance is greatly improved, and the overall color and stability are improved.

Japan Asia Chemical said that its direct installation chip series is the first type of lighting CSP LED with unique technology, which can realize one side 120 degree Lambert light, and eliminate the crosstalk caused by the lumen intensive application. With the help of the new color options, the extended assembly of direct installation chips can provide great flexibility for all lighting applications, including architectural lighting, color adjustment, and other commercial and residential applications.

The chip size of each color is 1.7 mm *1.7 mm *0.35 mm. In addition to the white blue model without adding phosphor layer and having a 130 degree beam angle, all other colors have a beam angle of 120 degrees.