Discussion On The Three-layer Realm Of LED Lighting Design

- Oct 23, 2018-

Design from the first level - micro plastic LED lamps and lanterns, modelling of optimized on the basis of existing products, for some popular products or foreign product model change, but not from the reference material, must keep on modelling style, add a decorative thread here, here is a knife, cut off by steer clear of patent, at a lower price with reference to compete, the modelling of the so-called designer abroad, mostly stay at this stage.

LED lamps and lanterns design the second realm - painted skin, draw lessons from the structure of the existing products, give the new modeling elements, the level of design is often with a strong color appearance, have certain recognition with characteristic, conforms to the appearance of the level designers are mostly engaged in the design of at least 5 years industrial designer, to have a certain understanding and feelings.

LED lamps and lanterns, the third level design itself, from the structure, process, material itself puts forward new innovations, and around the innovative design, the identification of appearance with a strong, and cooperate with the function of structural innovation, this design is the design of open type, eligible to compete for major design competition at home and abroad, and become the industry standard products, such as the year before I design the clover garden light LED the new garden light design trends.

The design of LED lamps at different levels also caters to enterprises with different levels and positioning, and the designers of each level have their corresponding markets. In the future, more LED lamps at the third level will be designed, bringing more classic works to the entire LED lighting industry.