What Are The Health Effects Of Different Light Sources?

- Mar 16, 2018-

The impact of lighting on health is not only the spectral components of the light source, but also includes the electromagnetic radiation of the driving part of the lighting, the noise, the glare of the light source or lamp, the strobe of the light source, and the safety of the lamps. Therefore, it is harmful to see the spectrum. Wavelength does not mean that there must be adverse effects on health. In fact, these light sources have been accompanied by people's work and life for many years.

The basic components of all lighting sources are red light, green light and blue light. The influence of the blue light in the illumination light source on the retina of the human eye has always existed, and will always be accompanied by human life. We only need to learn reasonable avoidance and scientific use, The harmfulness of blue light can be controlled within safe values.

The full spectrum diagram is shown in the figure below. The LED lamps are widely used in various lighting environments and the application volume is gradually increasing.


LED illumination light source has many advantages over traditional light sources, and it is the development direction of illumination light source. We have begun to enter the era of LED lighting, but if we do not pay attention to the influence of blue light on human eyes in LED lighting, it will cause “blue light damage”. Exceeding metal halide and fluorescent lamps, high color temperature LED light sources will lead to more serious "blue hazards" and "blue hazards" will occur in the lighting environment without any awareness. Only under the scientific use methods can the safety be guaranteed; the most important The light source producers need to have these basic knowledge.

The amount of blue light emitted by LED lighting sources decreases with decreasing color temperature. Low-power LED light sources with a color temperature between 3500K and 2800K basically meet the national standards. White light with a color temperature above 6500K has the influence of blue light radiation. Incredibly, the LED lighting produced in China is inconceivable.

With the increase of color rendering, the LED illumination source decreases the amount of blue radiation, and the increase of color rendering means that the phosphor needs to absorb more blue radiation energy and excite a wider spectrum. Therefore, a high color rendering index LED illumination source.

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