Domestic Chip Stocks Ranked Only One Company With Net Profit Exceeding One Billion, Accounting For The First Place.

- Oct 19, 2018-

According to Southern Wealth Network statistics, 77 domestic chip concept stocks in 2018 reported net profit ranking, Sanan Optoelectronics (600703) ranked first, net profit of 1.853 billion yuan, an increase of 22.32%, accounting for 44.40% of total operating income.

As the leading enterprise of LED industry in China, SAN optoelectronics is developing towards LED epitaxy, chip epitaxy to compound semiconductor. At present, San an has set up the five largest semiconductor research and development center in the world. In addition, in December 2017, the company plans to invest 33.3 billion yuan to establish a project company, layout of compound semiconductor business, all the projects will be put into production within five years, production within seven years, estimated to reach annual sales revenue of about 27 billion yuan.

The New World (000997) ranked second in net profit, with a profit of 337 million yuan and a total operating income of 2.604 billion yuan, representing year-on-year changes of - 21.19% and 3.36%. In the first half of this year, more than 250,000 merchants built and operated the "Starpos" merchant service platform independently in the New Mainland, and cooperated with more than 150 SaaS partners and 410 channel partners to achieve a revenue of 1.123 billion yuan, an increase of 67.47%.

Huacan Optoelectronics (300323) ranked third in net profit, with a profit of 313 million yuan, an increase of 45.10% over the same period of last year, and total operating income of 1.622 billion yuan, an increase of 35.97%. Net profit is expected to be 477 million yuan -5.39 billion yuan in the first three quarters, an increase of 28%-45% over the same period last year.

In the future, Huacan plans to continue to code LED display chip field, MEMS sensor field and other market segments. In January this year, the company set up the Semiconductor New Material Devices Research Institute; in October of the same year, it also announced that it would raise no more than 2.1 billion yuan for the construction of Mini/Micro LED development and production line expansion project, the development and industrialization project of MEMS inertial sensors, etc.

In addition, NASDA (002180) and Jingsheng (300316) ranked fourth and fifth in net profit, achieving net profit of 313 million yuan and 285 million yuan, respectively, an increase of 130.78% and 101.20% year-on-year.

In addition to the top 10 companies on the list, there were 15 and 43 companies with net profit of 1-200 million yuan and 0-100 million yuan respectively in the first half of 2008.

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