DOMINANT Launched SeddLED, A New Definition Of Smart RGB LED

- Dec 28, 2018-

With the development of technology, the application of LED in automobile lighting is increasing day by day. In recent years, the use of ambient lamp as a new type of lamp in automobiles has attracted the attention of consumers. Monochromatic ambient lamp has been applied as early as 2000, such as orange used by BMW, which is very typical. At first, ambient lamp was not used as a functional light source. Around 2010, static ambient lamp gradually began to be favored to create brand effects. At present, ambient lighting has gradually become the new favorite of the market, and full-color ambient lighting has become a popular trend, which enables designers to use and create different scenarios, and the future market will be more popular for dynamic lighting effect. However, the existing solutions are limited in the number of LED and lighting effect, and the difficulty and high cost of implementation are also the difficulties. For the dynamic environment lighting system, the automobile also needs strong bus system robustness and low radiation, which makes it difficult for the automobile industry to break through the solution of dynamic lighting system.——LED chip

The existing RGB ambient lamp solutions, using LIN communication, have many shortcomings, such as slow signal transmission speed (19.2k BPS); limited number of LEDs, each controller can only connect 16 nodes; expensive testing equipment is needed to calibrate RGB LED on the production line of lamps; complex design of each RGB ambient lighting module, using more electronic components; unsuitable for more than 100 nodes. Large-scale system of LED, etc.——LED chip

Recently, DOMINANT (Tongliang) launched seddLED, which overcomes the shortcomings of the existing RGB atmosphere lamp and promotes the development of automotive electronics to digital and intelligent. Unlike traditional RGB LED, sedd LED is the first digital Smart RGB LED in real sense.——LED chip

SeddLED The first truly digital Smart RGB LED

SedLED (Smart Embedded Digital Driver LED) integrates RGB LED, LED driver and advanced communication interface into a single package. Before leaving the factory, the main wavelength and brightness are calibrated. The color is pre-calibrated to within three-step SDCM centered on D65 white dots, and the light intensity is calibrated to 1250 mcd. By software command, the color and brightness of the LED can be completely controlled, the automatic temperature compensation and self-diagnosis function can be realized, and the two-way 2 Mbit/s differential control bus can be realized. The data update time of each LED is only 52.5 UGS (100 LED s only need 5.25 milliseconds). It takes less than 0.15 seconds to read all the information of the LED (max 4096). Bus initialization is carried out at boot-up to automatically detect new or replaced LED s.——LED chip

The circuit design of seddLED is simple and the advantages of the system are obvious.

The design of sedd LED circuit is very simple, there are only four lines in total, which greatly reduces the cost of the system. Based on EMI reliability design of 2 Mbit/s communication, two-way differential communication is adopted between MCU and seddLED, with the shortest delay time. The microcontroller can independently diagnose the temperature and damage of the LED. Because each LED is addressed separately and the bandwidth is effectively utilized, its high-density system can support up to 4096 LEDs without color and brightness grading and calibration, thus reducing production and logistics costs.——LED chip

SeddLED is freer in design and more abundant in application scenarios, leading the future trend of ambient lighting

SedLED can provide more design freedom and create different scenes, such as sunset, fresh woods, turbulent ocean...

In addition, sedd LED can be used not only in car interior, but also in car exterior, such as information display panel of driverless car. Therefore, the breakthrough of ambient lighting from non-functional light source to functional light source will be a milestone. Dynamic RCL and DRL will be the hot applications in the future. SedLED makes it possible to design small spacing modules.——LED chip

Interaction between Driverless Vehicles and Human Beings

(Front display of steering signs, pedestrian walking signs, etc. to better interact with people)

Tips on charging status of electric vehicles

In November, DOMINANT first released sedd LED at the Electronica 2018 in Munich, Germany, and gave a speech to it. It is expected that the first quarter of next year will be mass produced. The current top sedd LED 3 series (3.0, 3.1, 3.2) will be used in automobile interior decoration, and more possibilities will be created in the future for the application of automobile exterior decoration. In the next five years, sedd LED technology roadmap will focus on miniaturization, integration and numeralization.——LED chip

With the grand launch of sedd LED, the design of automotive ambient lights in the future will become more perfect and intelligent, achieve more excellent interaction between people and vehicles, and make car travel better.——LED chip

As one of the founding members of ISELED Alliance, DOMINANT (Tongliang) will continue to make its own efforts to solve the problem of automotive lighting system. (Text: LED in James)

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