Easy To Buy LED Fixtures, Just Three Steps

- Jul 28, 2018-

Easy to buy LED fixtures, just three steps

    LED bulb products on the market are mixed. If ordinary consumers buy unqualified LED bulbs, they will be prone to be bad, and the time will be insufficient. If you want to purchase qualified products, first check whether you have the certification mark.led bulb light

    Safety certification is indispensable

    Sam, CEO of Dalian Xinghai Technology Co., Ltd. said that consumers must first select LED products that meet national standards and have safety certifications (such as CCC, GS, CE, UL, etc.) and national product quality certificates. “These products are reliable and reliable in terms of safety, performance and design.” Lu Jinqing, marketing manager of LED lighting products in the Asia-Pacific region of Philips Lighting, said that these logos will generally appear in the packaging or introduction of the products. She also said that there is currently a mandatory national standard "Safety requirements for self-ballasted LED lights above 50V for general lighting" (GB24906-2010), consumers can check whether there is any indication on the packaging.led tube light

    Select lamps according to the environment

    Secondly, it is necessary to consider the light quality of the LED product, and the color rendering index Ra is preferably 80-85 or more. It is also important to choose the right color temperature depending on the environment in which it is used. According to reports, LED generally defines a color temperature of 2700K-4000K for warm color, 4000K-5000K for natural white, 5000K-6700K for white, warm white and natural white temperature will give people a warm, warm feeling, suitable for use in hotels, Hotel and bedroom. And Zhengbai gives people a cool and refreshing feeling. It is used in the office and the living room is more illuminated.led ceiling light

    The bulb chip has a particular attention

    When the reporter walked around the market, some LED bulbs had multiple points of illumination, while others relied on several pieces of illumination. The salesperson introduced: "The more points, the better the quality, the brighter the light." But Lu Jinqing said, "Multi-point illumination and single-point illumination are just different forms of LED technology. The technology of LED has developed into many different forms. Just rely on the number of LEDs to determine whether it is bright or not."led flood light

    Sam also said that LEDs with strong antistatic ability have a long life, so LED products with antistatic greater than 700V should be selected. "The quality of large-wafer LEDs is better than that of small wafers (the size of the wafer is expressed in terms of side length), but the price is proportional to the size of the wafer."led flame bulb

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