Edison Retro Light Bulb

- Jul 12, 2018-

From the date of the birth of Edison light bulb, it was doomed to be extraordinary, and the Edison retro light bulb we now say generally refers to the styled and antique tungsten filament lamps, which are widely used.

Widely used in cafes, Western restaurants, bars, and so on, is a very wide range of environmental lighting applications. Its retro shape and soft light create a unique style.

Artistic conception, let busy and boring life return to the purest feeling.

The main components of Edison's Retro bulbs are tungsten filament, lamp bead, lamp holder and blister.

Using high quality tungsten wire, light and soft, with the shape of different winding shape, light scattered evenly, not dazzling.

The different shape of tungsten filament is its charming soul. The new light source Edison retro light bulb is divided into the upper and lower winding form with different filament winding shapes.

Spiral type, T type, leaf type and Christmas tree type.

Edison's Retro bulb has a length of beads. According to the size of the bulb of Edison's lamp, the length of the lamp post is different.

The lamp holder of Edison's Retro bulb is a high grade pure copper lamp holder. It is the lamp head material with the best conductive performance. It is resistant to oxidation, heat resistance and high-grade luxury. The lamp head model has E14

E27, E26 and B22 use different lamp holder models according to the size and voltage of bulb bulbs.