Eight Dimensions To Analyze The Engineering Display Advantages Of Small Pitch LEDs

- Aug 31, 2018-

Eight dimensions to analyze the engineering display advantages of small pitch LEDs

      The advancement of small-pitch LED display technology has broken the law that LED display can only be used in the outdoor field. With the continuous improvement of the fineness of image quality and the cracking of technical problems such as low-light and high-ash, small-pitch LED display in indoor engineering The display field, especially the high-end display market such as the monitoring room, has launched an impact led bulb light

      Mainstream engineering display technology comparison

      In the field of indoor engineering display, small-pitch LED display screens as latecomers need to deal with direct competition from DLP splicing, LCD splicing and other technologies. Here we comb the characteristics of several display technologies:

      It can be seen from the comparison that in the current mainstream engineering display technology, the small-pitch LED display occupies performance advantages such as patchwork, color, uniformity, power consumption, etc., but the current price is still high, so its current major assault market Focused on high-end indoor applications, it has formed a certain degree of direct competition with DLP.

      As we all know, since the birth of small-pitch LED display technology in 2012, it has achieved rapid growth in just a few years. It has not only become a profit pioneer of many LED display companies, but also DLP splicing and LCD splicing that have entered the market in advance. Other technologies pose a certain threat.led tube light

      Looking at the development of the large-screen display industry in recent years, it is not difficult to see that no seams and high image quality are the ultimate pursuit of large-screen display. In the current mainstream display technology, liquid crystal splicing has a relatively obvious seam, so it is difficult to attack the studio, the weather bureau and other areas with high image integrity. This field is also the core battlefield for small-pitch LEDs to launch an impact on DLP.led flood light

      As a representative of the new light source, the LED display not only has the inherent advantages of seamlessness, but also has excellent brightness and color advantages, and has the characteristics of low energy consumption and long service life, so it is generally optimistic. Therefore, the industry pointed out that in the future, with the price of lamp beads occupying 70% of the screen cost falling, the performance advantages of small-pitch LED displays will become increasingly prominent, and the promotion of indoor high-end applications will accelerate.led flame bulb

      In fact, the good performance of small-pitch LED displays in recent years is obvious to all, and has attracted many large-screen manufacturers and integrators to join. Some traditional large-screen manufacturers even use small-pitch LED screens as a product line that goes hand-in-hand with DLP. Therefore, behind the prosperous market, the intensification of industry competition has become more and more prominent. In order to seek differentiation, related companies have also developed different development strategies, which has led to the diversified development of the small-pitch LED display market.led ceiling light

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