Enhancing Night Scene Lighting Level And Strengthening Lighting Management In Late Stage

- Jul 27, 2018-

In 1989, the construction of the regional lighting project of Shanghai to the Bund marked the initial development of the landscape lighting in China. In 2016, the Hangzhou G20 summit made the landscape lighting demand of our country into the blowout state, and then the big cities in China set off the frenzy of the urban nightscape lighting construction. After more than 2 years of development and construction, the night landscape in various provinces and cities has been very effective.

At the same time, while the lighting of the night scene is hot, many problems such as the maintenance and management of a large number of lighting projects are followed. It is necessary for the municipal owners and lighting enterprises and the design and engineering units to participate in the system so as to solve the problems systematically. Based on this, in the afternoon of July 24th, Guangdong south network energy light lighting Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as the Research Institute) hand in hand to Shenzhen city lighting environment management center, around the lighting project later maintenance management theme, in Shenzhen to launch a new phase of the lighthouse program lighting engineering management and technical training. The event has also been strongly supported by Guangzhou City Lighting Association. More than 40 people participated in the training of the Shenzhen light and environmental management center, the leaders and business leaders of various management centers.

Wu Chunhai, senior engineer of Shenzhen lighting and environmental management center, presided at the meeting and delivered a speech. At the meeting, Wu Chunhai acknowledged the training activities of the Institute in various cities, hoping that the departments concerned could strengthen the learning of lighting professional knowledge and carefully summarize the content of the training and apply the theory to the practical process. Subsequently, Zhou Gang, Fu Dongsheng and Yang Jianxin three lecturers from Guangnan Guangya lighting research institute respectively delivered keynote speeches at the meeting.

Wu Chunhai, senior engineer of Shenzhen lighting and environmental management center

With the rapid development of the city, all kinds of lighting facilities such as lighting and LED display are everywhere, and the complaint of "light pollution" is increasing year by year, which has become a problem that can not be ignored. "The problem of light pollution seriously affects people's quality of life. In recent years, newspapers in major cities have reported complaints about" light pollution ", and the treatment of light pollution has become a problem. The urgent need to solve the problem.

Zhou Gang, lecturer of Guangya Lighting Research Institute of South Network

Since 1997, the people's Government of Shandong promulgated the regulations on environmental protection of Shandong Province, which stipulates to strengthen the prevention and control of light pollution. Subsequently, cities such as Tianjin, Shanghai and Beijing have promulgated corresponding laws and regulations to control light pollution. In April 2014, the forty-second article of the environmental protection law of People's Republic of China made it clear that light radiation was used as the object of pollution prevention and control, and it was formally implemented in January 2015. Zhou Steel said that in the process of lighting construction projects, enterprise related personnel must carry out reasonable floodlighting design, strictly observe the National Lighting interference restrictions, as far as possible to reduce the problem of light pollution in the city.

With the implementation of the "beautiful China" and the growing needs of the people, the protection of light environment and the prevention and control of light pollution will inevitably become the trend of future development. Government departments should clarify the scope of management of light environment and the division of powers and responsibilities, so as to realize the sustainable development of LED industry. Zhou steel finally summed up.

As the entrance of the intelligent city, the intelligent road lamp is used as an integral part of the technology innovation of the information equipment. Through the collection, release and transmission of information, the "sharing, intensive and co-ordination" of the resources can be realized, which can greatly reduce the cost of urban construction and improve the efficiency of urban operation and maintenance, thus laying down the construction of the intelligent city. A solid foundation. South light Guangya lighting research institute tells the master Dongsheng on "urban street lamp pole status and operation experience" theme to share

South Network Guangya lighting research institute speaks master Dongsheng

"City street lamp can be said to be a smart pole, shared pole, combined rod, it will be a super species of urban information infrastructure in the future, with a very large market capacity." Fu Dongsheng stressed that how to realize the linkage between equipment, to manage together, to jointly operate and maintain, and to share data, is one of the most critical links in the digital China Information Infrastructure in the future of smart cities.

Fu Dongsheng pointed out that in the process of smart city information construction, security is very important. It includes data security and equipment safety. This requires the government to coordinate management from the overall level, and enterprises must also ensure data security from the technical level.

For the construction of urban infrastructure, Fu Dongsheng believes that the development of 5G is the explosive point of the future. In the future, more and more 5G base stations will be built, where to build base stations and how to build base stations. In addition, Fu Dongsheng also combined with practical engineering projects to share problems in the specific operation process.

With the rapid development of modern lighting technology, light has evolved from simple lighting devices to a narrative tool. How to intervene in the environment, interact with the audience and arouse the audience's mood is the key thinking direction in the lighting design process. In order to ensure the perfect presentation of the later lighting effect, the enterprise should strictly abide by certain specifications in the process of construction and maintenance. Yang Jianxin, lecturer of the southern Lighting Research Institute, shares the theme of "technical guidance for urban lighting engineering". Around lighting installation, on-site commissioning, acceptance and evaluation, use and maintenance, troubleshooting five aspects to explain one by one.

Yang Jianxin, lecturer of Guangya Lighting Research Institute of South Network

Yang Jianxin first from the installation of LED guardrail lights and specific matters of attention, and then to the LED point light source, LED light, LED strip wall lamp, LED column lamp, LED rainbow tube, LED buried lamp, and the installation of the LED ground lamp, and explained the common problems.

In the light of the lighting effect test, Yang Jianxin said: "the lighting effect test helps to understand the actual lighting effect of the project is in line with the original design requirements, whether it needs to adjust and modify the lighting engineering, but also for a more reasonable design and operation for the future basis."

Yang Jianxin finally said: it is very important to know the conditions of use of lamps and how to maintain them, especially for permanent works. In the design stage, we must take into account the lighting environment and the maintenance of lamps and lanterns, so as to make the final design result achieve the desired result.

At the meeting, Wu Chunhai concluded that the training activities held by the Institute were analyzed by three lecturers around the hot issues concerned with the actual cases. It was a very meaningful thing for the relevant departments to provide some thinking directions in the process of practical work.

In the free exchange session, participants also discussed the operation mode of smart road lamp pole with lecturers, and the atmosphere was harmonious. During the discussion, the training activities came to a successful conclusion. The Institute's series of training activities are still ongoing, and the next stop is looking forward to it.

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