Enter The Home Decoration Industry, Rio Tinto International Market, OPPLE Lighting Semi Annual Report Highlights Enterprise Strength

- Aug 25, 2018-

In August 22nd, OPPLE lighting released the first half of 2018. In the first half of 2018, Opel Lighting achieved operating income of 3.528 billion yuan, an increase of 17.21%; total profit of 435 million yuan, an increase of 38.51%; net profit of 358 million yuan, an increase of 38.37%.——LED lighting

On the 2nd anniversary of the launch of Opel Lighting, Opel Lighting adheres to the mission of "creating value by using light". With the company's development strategy, Opel Lighting has achieved steady growth in all its businesses by continuously optimizing product structure, expanding business channels, positively laying out the Internet of Things and intelligent lighting, and promoting intelligent manufacturing.——LED lighting

Family business to deepen the full channel advantage

As a leading lighting company in China, Opel Lighting adheres to the "home and business simultaneously" strategy, leading the steady and sustainable development of enterprises. At the same time, under the background of accelerating consumption upgrade between new retail and traditional industries, Opel Lighting accelerates the integration of all channels and all industrial chains, optimizes service experience, satisfies different consumer needs and provides high-quality experience.——LED lighting

According to the results of the report, OPPLE lighting is keeping the leading edge of the home market. Actively expand the market, continue to improve channel coverage, with Red Star Mei Kailong, unexpectedly reached a strategic cooperation, and intellectualized products into Huawei official online and offline mall channels, further tapping the retail format market space. On-line channel, the continuous layout of Pan-home building materials category, products from lamps and lanterns gradually expanded to Baba electrical appliances, intelligent single products, hanging, bathroom, etc., to provide consumers with online one-stop shopping experience.——LED lighting

In the field of commercial lighting, Opel Lighting has focused on improving the distributor's program marketing, full value chain project service capabilities, focusing on industrial, real estate, retail, municipal, office and other fields, and has completed projects such as Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, China Ocean Shipping Building and Shanghai Railway. With the scene, create a differentiated product portfolio to provide users with efficient and professional lighting product solutions.——LED lighting

On the basis of constantly consolidating the domestic market, Opel Lighting firmly adheres to the development strategy of globalization and comprehensively distributes the global market. With professional products and service capabilities, Opel Lighting has successively won the bidding for commercial projects in Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and other countries, and with the theme of "CONNECT @OPPLE" to re-appear in the International Pavilion of Frankfurt International Lighting Architecture Exhibition, Germany, to further enhance the international influence of their own brands.——LED lighting

Improve product performance and create high quality intelligent ecosystem

Opel Lighting adheres to the "people-oriented" concept of lighting applications, based on the nature of light, leading lighting products from the "LED energy-saving lighting era" into the "LED quality lighting era". Opel Lighting officially launched Comfort Light in the first half of 2008, and applied to new decorative lights and ceiling lamps and other household lamps, designed to provide consumers with better spectral composition and visual perception. At the same time, Opel Lighting upgrades the ceiling lighting category, embedded multi-functional modules, cross-border cooperation with the top brands in related industries, to provide consumers with high-quality smart home products solutions. At the same time, as an important basis for the smart home experience, the technology platform level, Opel Lighting has also built a common platform compatible with existing mainstream protocols, so that Opel lighting products can be flexibly docked and applied to third-party platforms, including Huawei, Tencent, Ali, and so on, so that consumers feel comfortable to adjust and control freely.——LED lighting

As an important component of intelligent ecology, OPL Lighting United Huawei, Haikangwei, China Telecom and other well-known enterprises have reached cooperation in outdoor intelligent Internet of Things technology solutions. The NB-IOT street lamp control system project implemented in Suzhou is highly recognized by the owner in terms of system specialty and reliability. It is the first NB-IOT street lamp control project with more than 20,000 control points in China. It provides an important practical value for the exploration of intelligent city construction with Chinese characteristics.——LED lighting

Optimizing supply chain system, deep plowing and intelligent manufacturing

Continuously build the world's leading intelligent manufacturing system, promote capacity building in the fields of intelligent manufacturing, intelligent factory, intelligent logistics and intelligent services. In the first half of 2018, a new intelligent three-dimensional logistics warehouse will be built in Wujiang Industrial Park, which can realize the functions of automatic warehousing, warehousing and inventory, and effectively reduce manpower. And warehousing costs, to further enhance the utilization rate of space. Furthermore, on the basis of business requirements, a hierarchical, flexible and systematic logistics warehouse allocation management system is constructed, which lays a foundation for the future intelligent logistics platform.——LED lighting

Service upgrading helps strategic transformation

By deepening the understanding of domestic and foreign consumers, insight into customer needs, OPPLE Lighting constantly upgrade service experience, extend the new business sector OPPLE integration package, dedicated to providing consumers with a one-stop house-wide solution, "deliberately define life." The home service platform will optimize the selection of core teachers, upgrade service standards, establish system control, and track service evaluation to provide consumers with quality service experience.——LED lighting

Based on advantages, strategizing and long-term layout. Opel Lighting's intensive cultivation of products, channels, R&D, manufacturing, and sustained upgrading of solutions and service capabilities all indicate that the 22-year-old Chinese lighting leader is orderly advancing the strategic transformation of its lighting system and integrated hardcover integrated solutions service provider, and moving towards becoming a global leader. The brand is forging ahead.——LED lighting

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