EU Interpretation Of Halogen Tungsten Lamps: Not All Tungsten Halogen Lamps Will Be Banned.

- Aug 07, 2018-

From September 1, 2018, the sixth stage requirement of the (EC) 244/2009 in the European Union ErP directive (Energy-related Products, that is, the ecological design requirements for energy related products, the rewriting instruction of the EuP directive) will come into effect.——LED lighting

This means that from September 1st, the halogen lamps, which can be sold in the EU market, will be left only the low voltage halogen tungsten lamp with energy efficiency B and the tungsten halogen lamps of the energy efficient C grade G9 or R7s lamps.——LED lighting

Further explanation, not all the halogen lamps will be banned, but mainly for the transparent glass shell halogen lamp, which we often call "bubble bubble", for ordinary lighting, which can not meet the command efficiency requirements. And special lighting with halogen tungsten lamps, such as oven lamp, and so on; directional halogen tungsten lamp, such as Mr series, Par series and so on; G9 lamp head single end halogen lamp and R7s lamp head halogen tungsten lamp (that is the common double end halogen lamp) etc.——LED lighting

It should be noted that the prohibition measures do not apply to products that are already on store shelves and warehouses.——LED lighting

(EC) the sixth phase of 244/2009's original requirement was taken into effect in September 1, 2016, and then under the recommendation of the European Lighting Association (Lighting Europe), the new (EU) 2015/1428 ordinance of the European Commission pushed the date of its entry into force two years to September 1st this year.——LED lighting

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