Even The Xinhua News Agency Has Commended The Hangzhou Red Net Market. What Is The Level Of Lighting Design?

- Oct 03, 2018-

In people's impression, the old city's vegetable market is like this: leather shoes in, rain boots out, stuffy, stinky..——LED lighting

Recently, Xinhua reported that a red cabbage Market in Hangzhou, during the Mid-Autumn Festival holidays, has become another hot spot for Hangzhou's small partners to punch cards.——LED lighting

This vegetable market is a little different from the traditional vegetable market.——LED lighting

In public opinion interviews, the public have said: "holding the heart to buy leek into the market, but did not expect to take 100 self-timed photos out!" "The food market at home is better than shopping malls!" "Why is it totally different from the food market at my door."——LED lighting

This is a red stone slate farmer's market in the center of Hangzhou. After four months'renovation by a group of well-known designers, it is full of literary and artistic style and design sense. Even the small ornaments in the corner are unique "custom style". The designers who participated in the market included designers who participated in the transformation of Taipei Shidong Market, and interior display designers who participated in the G20 Hangzhou Summit.——LED lighting

The alleys with retro-electric poles and street lamps stretch to all areas of the restaurant, bamboo lanterns and dusk lights; antique paving, handwritten calligraphy signs, as if into the old Hangzhou Jingxiaolong.——LED lighting

There was a long string of Post-it notes on the stall, which indicated the nutritional value of various vegetables, and the boss estimated that he had done a lot of homework.——LED lighting

The two fish stall styles are totally different.

On the one side is the whole white river fish, and there is a fish basket that symbolizes fishermen's harvest. "There's a kitten in the upper right corner, and it wants to eat fish too!" Shi Mulin, head of the vegetable market, warned: This is a small decoration that is easily overlooked but reflects the ingenuity of the designer.——LED lighting

While selling seafood on the other side, using fishing flags to make roofs, the colors are strong.——LED lighting

Rice shop: dark Chinese fir rack and dark steel plate, separated from storage area and exhibition area. Once changed the mess of the grocery store, the high and low cupboards facilitate customers to enter.——LED lighting

The noodles are paved with the signboards of Taohua Yuan's brush-and-brush shop, water-grained glass, walnut and matting elements, seated benches with carefully designed hanging basket and handbags, and bowls of "Eat noodles to see the answer to the riddle on CD-ROM".——LED lighting

Impression of the meat stall dim and bizarre red lights, but this time the meat shop in this vegetable shop broken example, white brick and plaque signs, industrial wind metal lamp fresh texture. The specially customized all-glass cabinets are clean and tasteless, and the owners of the stalls have said, "Clean and beautiful, convenient delivery." The transformation of the vegetable market is not only a little more simple, with face, but also with lining. The transformation has solved many practical problems in the vegetable farm. Pork shops have been installed to wash and leave residues at any time. Blood faucet and drainage system.——LED lighting

Storage of chicken and duck for frozen meat is also specially designed with a full glass shroud.——LED lighting

The owner of the noodle shop said that he was most satisfied with the roof, which was covered with ventilators, and the two rows of stainless steel railings, which carried the lampblack outdoors without any smell of grease.——LED lighting

In any city, the vegetable market is a good place to feel the smell of local life. After reading the article, A Jun was particularly curious about how the lighting design in this online cabbage Market did? So he consulted several professional lighting designers.——LED lighting

Zhang Jian, a lighting designer working locally in Hangzhou, said that the reformed food market has the visual sense of street food festivals. Instead of traditional functional lighting, the food market has also made a key portrayal of the stall markings, adding background light and enhancing the environmental atmosphere. Compared with the previous, glare and color temperature control are in place, and the overall grade has improved a lot.——LED lighting

Ni Bin, director of lighting design at Pinggang, Shanghai, believes that the illumination planning of the vegetable market is not uniform and the color and temperature consistency is not uniform enough. We should distinguish the temperature of fresh area, seafood area, vegetable area and other different food areas, enhance the lighting of the corridor, and try not to use yard lights, while signboard system lighting needs consistency.——LED lighting

Yanwu lighting design director Xu Fengbing said that returning to the essence of the vegetable market itself is a true portrait of the city, no lighting, no decoration, to the city entertainment, a neighborhood gathering place. The vegetable market in the future urban center is a civic activity center which gathers folk customs, vegetable market, snacks, culture and tourism together. It serves more as a fun function. The second is the project, the third is the business! If they all pretend like this, it will only increase the cost of operators, while raising prices! Let the vegetable market clean and tidy, let the essence return to the essence, let the dishes a little more safe and green is the fundamental.——LED lighting

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