Exploring The Healthy Future, How To Transform China's Lighting Industry To Light Healthy Industry

- Dec 20, 2018-

In 2018, China's manufacturing industry will also face some shocks in the context of the threat of trade protectionism in the global economy. In this situation, increasing technological innovation and strengthening cross-border integration have become one of the breakthroughs of major manufacturing enterprises. Among them, the cross-border integration of lighting industry and health industry has received extensive attention and implementation. In order to further explore the development direction and future trend of healthy lighting and light health industry, the 2018 China Healthy Lighting and Light Health Industry Summit Forum and the 8th Foshan Semiconductor Lighting Industry Exchange Conference were solemnly held at Heng'an Swiss Hotel, Chancheng, Foshan.——LED Christmas light

This conference is guided by Foshan Science and Technology Bureau, Foshan Economic and Information Bureau, China Lighting Electrical Association and China Lighting Society. It is sponsored by Foshan Chancheng Economic and Technological Promotion Bureau and Foshan Lighting Association. It is also supported by Guangdong Economic Research Center of China Economic Information Society. Foshan Lighting, Casio Light Health and German Northern Weizhou Investment Promotion Department, Trans-Express, Zhonghao Photoelectric, Lisheng Photoelectric, Guoxing Photoelectric, Osram Lighting, Guangdong Wildlight Visual Health Research Institute, Guangdong Lighting Electrical Appliances Association, Foshan Institute of Technical Standards, Guangdong Vocational and Technical College, Foshan Pan-Home Enterprise Federation, Foshan Interior Designers Association, Foshan Industrial Design Institute, Foshan Real Estate Chamber of Commerce, Foshan City Foshan Shan City Enterprise Federation, Foshan Ceramic Association and Foshan Furniture Industry Association also provided a variety of help and support for the conference.——LED Christmas light

Deputy Director Li Youliang introduced the business environment and policies of Chancheng District

At the meeting, Li Youliang, deputy director of the Economic and Technological Promotion Bureau of Chancheng District, Foshan City, introduced the "business environment and policies of Chancheng District". It is understood that the area under the jurisdiction of Chancheng District of Foshan City is 154.68 square kilometers, with a permanent population of about 1.1 million. It is the central city of Foshan City, the seat of the people's government of Foshan City, and the political, financial, cultural, transportation and information service center of Foshan City. In 2017, the total GDP of Chancheng District was 175.056 billion yuan. Chancheng District has a strong foundation of semiconductor lighting industry and a high degree of industry concentration. It has listed companies such as Foshan Electrical Lighting Co., Ltd., Foshan Guoxing Photoelectric Co., Ltd., and well-known foreign-funded enterprises such as Osram (China) Lighting Co., Ltd and Landwanse Lighting Co., Ltd. In 2017, the output value of the semiconductor lighting industry in Chancheng District exceeded 10 billion yuan, accounting for about one third of the output value of the semiconductor lighting industry in Foshan City. At present, the industry chains of chip manufacturing, packaging, power supply, application and detection are becoming more and more complete. At present, Chancheng is taking the construction of "Guangdong Free Trade Zone" and Foshan as the lead to build the advanced equipment manufacturing industry belt on the West Bank of the Pearl River and the manufacturing town and core area in Dawan District of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao as the opportunities, focusing on upgrading traditional industries such as ceramics, stainless steel and lighting, gradually transforming from production-oriented to R&D, high-end manufacturing, trading and sales, brand building and headquarters economy. Ji mainly focuses on building four core industries: intelligence, energy saving, life and health, and high-end equipment. At the same time, Zencheng takes the opportunity of creating Guangdong Province Big Data Comprehensive Test Zone to demonstrate and lead the city in promoting innovation-driven development strategy and promoting cross-border integration of manufacturing and Internet. Reform and innovation practices of "one-way-one-net" government service mode and social comprehensive management cloud platform in Zen City have won many national and provincial honors. On this basis, Zen City will vigorously promote the development of creative design industry, build Foshan Innovation and Development Demonstration Zone, build Foshan Innovation and Development Demonstration Zone, build Foshan Innovation and Development Demonstration Zone, expand regional semiconductor lighting industry platform, and promote the rapid development of Foshan Semiconductor Lighting Industry. Exhibition.——LED Christmas light

Foshan has a developed manufacturing industry and a prosperous real economy. It also has close contacts with Germany, which has a developed manufacturing industry in the world. Therefore, this conference invites Feng Xingliang, the chief representative of Beijing Investment Promotion Agency of Northern Weizhou, Germany, to make a report on the situation of mutual exchanges and exchanges between Chinese and German manufacturing industries, so that more manufacturing enterprises, especially Chinese lighting enterprises, can seriously understand the advanced points of German manufacturing industry and learn from them so as to grow faster. 。——LED Christmas light

Chen Yansheng, Chairman of China Lighting Electrical Association

The development of China's lighting industry can not be separated from the efforts of many lighting people, nor can it be separated from the accurate prediction and grasp of the global lighting industry development trend. At the meeting, Chen Yansheng, chairman of China Lighting Electrical Association, gave a keynote speech on "Road Map of the Development Trend of Lighting Industry", expounded the current development situation of lighting industry, analyzed the existing problems of lighting industry, put forward the future development direction of lighting industry, affirmed the innovative way of cross-border integration of lighting and health industry, and pointed out that the future lighting industry will certainly be with more industries. Combine to create more infinite possibilities.——LED Christmas light

The combination of lighting and health industry, the primary research is the impact of light on health and value. For this reason, the conference invited Mr. Ge Jian, the chief scientist of 973 project and the former dean of ophthalmology hospital of Sun Yat-sen University Hospital, to elaborate the prevention and control of myopia in light and adolescents from the perspective of Ophthalmology research. In recent years, the phenomenon of juvenile myopia has become more and more serious. The Ministry of Education has issued a special article to strictly control the proportion of juvenile myopia. Among them, rational use of light is particularly important. President Ge Jian pointed out that it is very important for preventing and controlling teenagers'myopia to strengthen the guidance of scientific and healthy use of light and provide healthy light environment. More lighting enterprises are urgently needed to develop light health products so that more teenagers can keep away from myopia and have healthy eyes.——LED Christmas light

Ge Jian, Chief Scientist and former Dean of Ophthalmological Hospital, Sun Yat-sen University Hospital

In addition to the eyes, the most direct effect of light on human body is skin. So, how does light affect human skin? Mr. Lai Wei, director of Dermatology department, professor/chief physician, doctoral supervisor and head of the National Food and Drug Administration Cosmetics Human Safety and Efficiency Inspection Agency (Guangzhou), has done a lot of research on this. At the special invitation of the conference, Director Levy gave a keynote speech entitled The Impact of Light on Skin Health. In his speech, Director Levy proposed that reasonable and healthy light is beneficial to the metabolism of human skin, so that human skin can maintain a healthy gloss and normal function. However, in an unhealthy light environment, human skin may be burned, thereby harming the human body. In recent years, there have been many incidents of burning students'skin by misusing ultraviolet light in various places, that is, irrational use of light to harm the human body. Therefore, we need to strengthen the propaganda and implementation of scientific, healthy and rational use of light, so that more people can enjoy healthy light.——LED Christmas light

Wu Yulin, President of Foshan Lighting and Lamps Association, General Manager and Senior Engineer of Guangdong Kaixiouguang Health Co., Ltd.

After listening to the understanding and expectations of health industry experts for the lighting industry, lighting industry experts have also described their research and progress in health lighting and light health. Mr. Wu Yulin, President of Foshan Lighting and Lighting Association, General Manager and Senior Engineer of Guangzhou Kaixiouguang Health Co., Ltd., delivered a speech on the theme of "From Lighting to Light Health Industry". It comprehensively expounded the great significance and bright prospects of light health industry, expounded the huge market that light health industry will inevitably bring as a cross-border industry, and released Kaixiougong. The results of the research in the field of light and health won warm applause from the audience.——LED Christmas light

Subsequently, Dr. Zhang Jinhui, R&D center of Foshan Guoxing Photoelectric Co., Ltd., elaborated "Trends of Healthy Lighting Technology and LED Device Scheme" from a technical point of view, reflecting the in-depth study of health lighting by mainstream lighting enterprises in China. Mr. Wang Mengyuan, General Manager of Foshan Zhonghao Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd., published his unique opinion on "Creating Commercial Value of Consumption Places with Core" from the perspective of market application. He believed that to create a healthy light environment and promote scientific and rational use of light, it is necessary to proceed from commercial occasions and meet market demand in order to achieve twice the result with half the effort.——LED Christmas light

In the applause of the audience on the spot, the conference ended slowly and achieved a complete success. This is a meeting of integration. The government, associations, industries and enterprises around the theme of "healthy lighting and light health", expounded the views of all parties, inspired the ideas and directions of cross-border integration in the future. At the end of the conference, the Ninth Anniversary Welcoming Dinner of Foshan Lighting and Lamps Association was officially opened. It also made the conference a big stage for friendly people to exchange and communicate with each other. It fully embodied and brought into play the platform value of the association.——LED Christmas light

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