Extending To The Display Field? Australia Yangshun Chang Performance Statement Will Answer

- Feb 21, 2019-

With the disclosure of the 2018 annual results, the public company performance briefing activities kicked off.

Yesterday (March 20) afternoon, aoyang shunchang successfully held the 2018 annual performance online presentation.

According to the 2018 annual report of aoyang shunchang, the company achieved revenue of 4.255 billion yuan in 2018, up 18.58 percent year-on-year.

Net profit was 226 million yuan, down 36.35 percent year-on-year.

Earnings per share: 0.23 yuan.

The company intends to pay a dividend of 0.25 yuan (tax included) per 10 shares.

At the performance briefing, the issue of "increased revenue and sharply reduced net profit" has attracted attention. Lin wenhua, the company's secretary to the President and chief financial officer, explained that it was mainly caused by the sharp decrease in the profit of LED business compared with 2017.

In addition, investors also mentioned the company's business expansion, said Lin wenhua, the company used to focus on general lighting, but now is moving to high efficiency commercial lighting development.

At the same time, while adhering to the product line focusing on lighting, the company plans to extend to the display field appropriately to enrich the company's product line width.

In the 2018 annual report, aoyang shunchang predicted that the overall situation of the chip industry in 2019 is still not optimistic, and the industry may enter the stage of structural integration.

After years of industrial expansion and reshuffle, LED industry chain has gradually become mature, especially the upstream chip industry, which has begun to enter a mature and stable development period, and the industry concentration has been constantly improved.

The large chip company that is located in industry front row will have certain competition advantage.

On the company's development plan in 2019, the general manager Chen wenkai is explained in this meeting, the company in 2018 based on the actual business situation, market situation analysis, under the condition of the overall economic situation is not optimistic, the company plans in 2019 to achieve consolidated scope belong to the parent company net profit of 150 million yuan, the specific business plan target is divided into the following three aspects: (1) the metal logistics distribution business, maintain the stability of the metal logistics distribution business operation, metal processing and distribution integrated and profits contribute around 10% of the total growth.

(2) LED business: due to a large decline in market price, it is expected that the LED business will suffer a loss in 2019, while the profit contributed by the LED business in 2018 belongs to the listed company, which is about 89 million yuan. Therefore, the goal of the LED business in 2019 is to maintain a high chip turnover rate and production and sales rate.

(3) lithium battery business: continue to promote the construction of new capacity of the second lithium battery plant, and promote the infrastructure construction of type 21700 lithium battery project, and realize the lithium battery business revenue growth of more than 30%.