Filament Lamp Patent War Continues To Burn, The European Intelligence And Finance Bureau Rejected Kaiyao Lighting's Invalid Application For Liquid-light Solid-state Patent

- Apr 10, 2019-

At present, during the Hong Kong International Spring Lighting Fair, besides publicizing exhibits to grasp the potential demand for order cooperation, LED lighting manufacturers are also in full swing in competition with their peers, among which filament lamp patent battle has continued to burn since it came to the stage at the beginning of last year.

K-lite Electric, an LED lighting manufacturer, has applied to the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) for Liquidleds Lighting Corp. since March 2018, when it was forced by the Customs to remove exhibits and change catalogues after it was found that it infringed on liquid-light solid-state related patents in filament lamp design. The patent is invalid. The application was rejected by the European Intelligence and Finance Bureau as early as the end of 2018.

Industry insiders pointed out that Kaiyao Lighting K-lite Electric issued an official press release to put out the fire quickly after the negative report was published, saying that it had further dealt with the matter through legal channels, trying to maintain the company's reputation and customer cooperation with European and American brand factories. Quickly, the company will be able to apply to the European Intelligence and Finance Bureau in mid-2018 to declare the design patent of Liquidleds Lighting Corp. liquid-optic solid state invalid.

However, after verification, in a recent document released by Liquidleds Lighting Corp., the European Intelligence and Finance Bureau ruled on March 8, 2019 that the application filed by Kaiyao Lighting K-lite Electric was invalid. The reasons for the rejection of the application are also stated in the document. Kaiyao Lighting K-lite Electric was unable to provide evidence when it asked for explanations of doubts twice in August and October 2018, and its request was refused to continue to settle the case. Liquidleds Lighting Corp. filament lamp design patent No. 002987396-0007 is still valid.

The value of LED filaments and bulbs is particularly valued in the decorative lighting market in Europe and the United States, and the demand is greatest. Often manufacturers have an advantage in the filament lamp market when they stand firm in the quality of products in these areas. Patents and intellectual property are the best manifestations of quality. For products that emphasize aesthetic feeling, it is very important to have patent protection for the research and development of exterior design.

The decision of the European Intelligence and Finance Bureau is undoubtedly a closed door for Kaiyao Lighting K-lite Electric. The requirement of invalidity of patent application can not be established if the left certificate is insufficient. By analogy, manufacturers have high barriers when applying for patents from intellectual property institutions in Europe and the United States. Liquidleds Lighting Corp. filament lamp products are mainly sold in overseas markets, and the patent distribution in Europe and the United States is also meticulous. This wave of patent war shows that its battle effectiveness is not small.

In addition to liquid-optic solid-state Liquidleds Lighting Corp., in recent years, large LED manufacturers have also made frequent moves, including new patents and extension of existing patent terms. It is expected that this trend will gradually transfer competition within the LED industry and the progress of the entire industry from quantity and price to the layout of intellectual property in the future.