Five Major Factors Affecting The Price Of LED Injection Module

- Feb 01, 2018-

1. The span of the LED module

The second important factor affecting the performance of the LED module is its day-span, which is determined by the light decline resolution. Light decline small, long, long time of the goods, the price is naturally high.

2. LED module Chip

LED light-emitting body for the chip, chip level is not the same, about the LED injection Molding advertising module price impact is great.

LED Injection Molding Advertising module It is said that the LED module is equal to the light-emitting diode placed together with the necessary rules and packaging, plus some waterproof disposal of goods.

3. LED module brightness

Led brightness is not the same, the price is also very large. High brightness may choose high brightness led Production module, the price will be higher than the general. If only used as a general advertising embellishment, you can pick the general merchandise, but if it is the primary source of advertising, then the selection of high brightness LED module is a good choice.

4. LED Module colloid

The general LED module is the use of epoxy resin as a colloid, plus the anti-violet and fire retardant LED module colloid price more expensive, if used for outdoor advertising display, the use of good colloidal packaging products can be used longer.

5. LED module Chip size

Chip size is mainly reflected by the long side, LED injection Molding advertising module If the use of large chip led, then its quality will be better than small chips. In terms of price, the size of the chip is inversely proportional to the price.