For The Improvement Of Power Factor

- Jul 29, 2018-

The power load in the power grid, such as electric motor, transformer, fluorescent lamp and electric arc furnace, is mostly inductive load, which not only needs to absorb active power to the power system, but also absorbs reactive power in the process of operation. Therefore, after installing the shunt capacitor reactive compensation equipment in the power grid, the reactive power consumed by the inductive load can be compensated, and the reactive power supplied by the lateral inductive load of the power grid and the transmission of the power line will be reduced. Because of reducing the flow of reactive power in the power grid, it can reduce the power loss of transformer and busbar in transmission and distribution lines due to the transmission of reactive power, which is the benefit of reactive power compensation. This article comes from: BBS forum

The main purpose of reactive power compensation is to improve the power factor of the compensation system. Because the electricity issued by the power supply bureau is calculated by KVA or MVA, but the charge is charged with KW, that is, the practical work, there is a difference between the two and the reactive power of KVAR. Most of the invalid work is electrical inductance, that is generally called motor, transformer, fluorescent lamp... Almost all the invalid work is inductive, and capacitance is very rare. This is because of the existence of this electrical sensibility, resulting in a KVAR value in the system, the relationship between the three is a trigonometric function: This article comes from: BBS forum

The squared text of square +KVAR of KVA is =KW.

In simple terms, in the above formula, if the value of today's KVAR is zero, the KVA will be equal to the KW, so the power supply issued by the power supply bureau is equal to the consumption of the user 1KW, at this time the cost benefit is the highest, so the power factor is a factor that the power supply bureau cares very much. If the user does not reach the ideal power factor, it is relative to consume the resources of the power supply bureau, so that is why the power factor is a regulation limit. At present, the domestic power factor regulation must be between 0.9 to 1 of the electrical inductance, and below 0.9, or higher than 1, all of them need to be punished. This is why we have to control the power factor in a very precise range, too much or too little.