Four Development Directions For LED Lighting Dealers In The Future

- Aug 27, 2018-

The lamp ACTS the role of shop of 1000 square metre above, we habitually call it big store, the dealer that manages it, we habitually call them big dealer;

The big shop of 5000 square metre above, we habitually call it "super terminal", the dealer that runs it, we habitually call them super dealer.


In recent years, affected by the industry downturn, the confusion and panic of big stores and big dealers is more than small stores. Many people do not know where their future lies and how to operate.


After long-term observation and thinking, the author believes that it is crucial to identify the four development directions of big stores and big distributors in the future.


Monopolizing good brands determines market share


In the future, the sales share of big distributors in the regional market depends first on the degree of monopoly of excellent brands.

In the past, the more products you choose, the more complete they will be.

Now, the stronger the brand power you represent, the greater the discourse power of the category, the greater your sales in the region.

If the two categories you represent account for more than 10 percent of the local market share, you'll be sure to live well.

If the 10-20 brands you represent account for 10 percent of the 10-20 categories in the region, you can secure a monopoly position there.

Because of the absolute power of the big dealers or super distributors in the local area, there is almost no problem for the agency of more than 2 strong brands with category complementarity.


Category division clearly determines the output of a single store


It is a matter of common sense that a large store should not operate only one category of products, but its products are too miscellaneous and disorderly to adapt to today's consumption trend.


So what's the layout of the big store?

For example, in a store of 3,000 square meters, you can choose at least one household lighting brand, one commercial lighting brand, and five different types of colored lantern brands (such as crystal lamp, European lamp, new Chinese lamp, xiaomei and modern lamp).

In order to make your display space feel more and make consumers feel your professional level, it is very necessary to divide each category into a special area.

Conditional business, can decorate even become sample between experience area, let consumer produce whole transplant impulse.


Of course, below general circumstance, big shop differentiates finished product kind to sell an area to be ok, outfit does not pack experience space, depend on condition and decide.


Becoming a regional deep service provider is an inevitable trend


There's no doubt that every major dealer wants to be the top local player.

But how to stay on top of the pack, many people do not know.


To be seated firmly at the top of the local table, three conditions must be met:


The most professional: or the most complete category, such as the lamps and lanterns supermarket;

Or it can target the middle and high-end consumer groups precisely and serve that group only.


Most visibility: to constantly increase visibility and influence, customers will immediately come to your store if they want to buy the lamp.


The ability of service penetration is strongest: provide pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale services so that other stores are not comparable with you.


We have found such excellent big distributors in zhangjiagang, shaoxing, huzhou and other places in zhejiang recently: the shaoxing minghui zhiye not only has a store area of over 11,000 square meters, but also has excellent brand monopoly, display, pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale service.

Yao xinhuzhou city of the Oriental lighting is accounted for more than 40 percent of the local lighting sales share.

They are all big distributors who have done well in these areas.


Combination of online and offline directions



In the era of mobile Internet, it is far from enough to operate stores or promote products at home. In order to create transaction speed and attract the younger generation of consumers, it is also necessary to push stores and commodities to consumers by means of mobile network, so that they can understand or buy more easily and conveniently.

Only the perfect combination of online communication and offline experience can ensure the terminal leadership of this era.