Four Entry Points For LED Lighting Design

- Oct 12, 2018-

Lighting is a process of lighting and being lit. In this case, it is difficult for lighting designers to surpass manufacturers in terms of technical knowledge of products and engineers in terms of construction and installation skills. Then, where does the value of lighting designers lie?

1. Functional level

At this level it is usually responsible for seeing clearly, so there are corresponding digital metrics such as security needs.


The working space needs the sense of security. Therefore, the workshop should make sure that the workers can see clearly the operation of the machine and the road should make sure that the pedestrians can drive the vehicle clearly and safely.

Functional level

Figure: security and security are different dimensions of measurement. The commonality lies in "seeing clearly".

Lighting function


2. Art

This layer sounds a bit mysterious to say, be to want to solve illume to be able to bring beauty to feeling for us.


Beauty, it seems, is a subjective standard of judgment, not an absolute quantitative standard like the functional level, but in fact, beauty and ugliness are universally recognized since ancient times.

Art of lighting


Photo: the sense of beauty brought by light.

Although "beautiful" seems to be inevitably subjective, in fact, the word "beautiful" can represent the majority of judgment in many occasions, which proves that the goal of lighting at the artistic level is traceable.

3. Cultural level


Culture is different from civilization, there is no high or low, it is not a high word.

Culture is in fact the trajectory of lifestyle.

At this level, what light needs to do is to convey meaning or spirit.

Cultural level

Photo: how to express the understanding of religious culture through light in religious occasions. "church of the light" and "lanxiang church" are of course rare examples, but the sense of "solemnity", "solemnity" and deification in the universal meaning is exactly what light needs to show.

Cultural level


Photo: different light affects the viewer's need for information and appreciation. For example, the museum should consider how to make the viewer see clearly the instructions on the exhibits, feel the patterns on the ceramics and the strokes on the paintings.

4. Spatial level

What is space?

"Empty" is a place where activities can take place;

There is separation and limitation.

Space is, therefore, can satisfy the function, has a certain significance, this definition is very fully expressed the light for the responsibility of the space composition, therefore, most of the theoretical description of the Angle, lighting design, are concentrated in the above three, I added a fourth dimension on this basis, the space level.

If the above three expressions are continued, in the dimension of space, the physical expression of space is considered, that is, the remodeling and reconstruction of feeling differentiation of space after the intervention of light.

The following figure clearly illustrates the evolution process of space composition:

Spatial level



The responsibility of light is to assist in the process of expressing different and differentiated feelings brought by the construction of space. This series of courses is basically carried out in depth around the fourth point.