Four Lighting Designers Win Hurun's Most Favorite Chinese Designer

- Jan 24, 2019-

On January 16, 2019, Hurun Baifu held the "Hurun Guanggu Design Shanghai Forum 2019" at Shanghai Jing'an Shangri-La Hotel and awarded the "Hurun Most Favored Chinese Designer Award". Among them, four lighting designers recommended by Aladdin Internet of Things Technology Co., Ltd. Zhu Jianxiu, Wang Tian, Xiong Tsinghua and Yuan Qiao have all won the "Hurun Most Favorite Chinese Designer".——LED intelligent lighting

Hurun is the most popular Chinese Designer

Design is life. It changes society and creates the future. Today, when human beings are integrated with design, we can't imagine the world without design. Hurun Guanggu is dedicated to showing the strength of contemporary Chinese design elite. At the same time, the world's top Chinese designers will be introduced to more high-end groups with high-end interior design needs.——LED intelligent lighting

It is the ultimate goal of many designers to show the value connotation of life through design, to find the real material and spiritual home of human beings, and to achieve the harmonious unity of life and design. Designers who reach this level are undoubtedly masters among the masters.——LED intelligent lighting

In addition, the signing ceremony of West China and South China Regional Business Development Center was held at the event site. Guan Xudong, managing director of Guangya Group, attended the signing ceremony.——LED intelligent lighting

From left: Xie Yuyuyu, Hu Xiaozhou, chairman of Shanghai Nobel Financial Information Services Co., Ltd., Guan Yudong, Tao Jiaxin, founder of Chengdu Odin Design, Li Yadong, Lu Nengxing and Huang Weixing, general manager of Chengdu Odin Design, can witness the signing ceremony of West China and South China Regional Business Development Center together.——LED intelligent lighting

This forum discussed with all designers the innovative power of the design circle, and let us see that China in the future is a China of design and innovation. Design has no boundaries and the future has no boundaries. At the Shanghai Forum of Hurun Guanggu Design in 2019, Hurun Guanggu showed the strength of the contemporary Chinese design elite to China through the forum and award-giving dinner, and paid tribute to the designers.——LED intelligent lighting