Foxconn Layout Micro LED Action Frequently, Buy ELux And Invest In Light.

- May 17, 2018-

Recently, Foxconn has bought a 7.32% stake in LED epitaxy and chip maker Epileds Technologies from Catcher Technology. Insiders pointed out that this is just the first step for Foxconn to become the largest stakeholder of Epiled in the near future. The motivation behind the acquisition of Foxconn is mainly Epiled's Micro LED technology, because the future development of Micro LED may require the RGB Tri Color LED epitaxy / grain manufacturing technology.

Epiled intends to apply for private placement within the limit of no more than 20 million shares this year, with a provisional price of 22 yuan per share (NT $, the same below). It is rumored that Foxconn may strengthen its upstream layout through private placement.

Epiled is a small number of small and beautiful LED plants that can combine the LED grain manufacturing technology with each color, and the cost of investment cooperation with crystal electricity, OSRAM and San an is likely to be higher. These factors encourage Foxconn to be interested in it.

Last year, LED epitaxial plant Epiled invested in the new generation display technology development such as Micro LED and Mini LED, and began to provide CSP chip level packaging products with the needs of customers.

According to sources, Epileds and Jingyuan optoelectronics are the only LED enterprises in Taiwan with RGB technology capabilities, and RGB technology is the key to Micro LED technology. Epileds, a new plant in southern Taiwan, will be put into operation in the first quarter of 2018 and will install 12 new MOCVD devices, bringing the total number to 30 units. Of course, not all 12 new sets of equipment will be put into operation in 2018.

It is also reported that Foxconn has joined the group of optoelectronics, AOT and SHARP to acquire all the eLux shares of the US based company. Founded in 2016, eLux is a start-up company focused on Micro LED massive transfer technology. Foxconn has invested in eLux through its subsidiary CyberNet Venture Capital.

In May 12th, a spokesman for Foxconn technology group said that it would be held in June 28th in the Mount Pleasant (Mount Pleasant) for its $10 billion liquid crystal panel factory. It is understood that the plant is expected to be completed in August 2019.