Future Intelligent Trend Analysis Of LED Lighting

- Jul 13, 2018-

From investors to architects, engineers, from senior engineers to plan the process engineer and operating personnel, from wholesalers to retailers, lighting, electroplating technology all over the world, as well as the Building and Building automation industry professionals are attracted by Light + Building. (Led intelligent light)


The biggest feeling of the author is that intelligent LED and OLED have undoubtedly become the leading role of display, which gives the author more confidence and encouragement to work on LED drive power. (Led intelligent light)

These LED/OLED lamps and lanterns has elegant appearance, comfortable shiny surface, unique structure, intelligent control, high performance parameters or advanced features, spiral, folded shape design, etc., some even went to the concept of traditional lamps and lanterns, people and is very comfortable and unique lighting environment experience. (Led intelligent light)

Compared with traditional lamps and lanterns, LED lamps and lanterns is not only has the advantages of the environmental protection, energy saving, safety, and its unique physical properties of solid lighting, make the modelling of a flexible and intelligent control has become more and more the pursuit of the designers. (Led intelligent light)

LED/OLED products are rapidly gaining market share in traditional indoor and outdoor lighting. (Led intelligent light)


After the rapid development of LED lighting industry in recent years, the replacement market of indoor applications has gradually reached its peak, and intelligent control is to a large extent the winning magic weapon of LED lamps. (Led intelligent light)

How to adapt to the development trend of this industry has become a major concern of global LED power manufacturers. (Led intelligent light)

At this year's Frankfurt show, power producers from around the world gathered to present their latest products and solutions, such as PhilipsAdvanced's Xitanium "Xtreme" series of constant current sources, which combines DALI, TIMER and 0-10v dimming. (Led intelligent light)

Meanwell introduces 60w high power power supply;

Infield electronics showed up with a number of tunable power sources, and Osram also introduced tunable products and some intelligent power sources integrated with sensors. (Led intelligent light)

In general, it can be said that hundreds of companies are singing together, each with its own characteristics, basically covering the mainstream smart dimming agreement in the European market. (Led intelligent light)


, of course, want to win more market share in the European market, alone is not enough to launch new products, product quality, reliability, thermal performance, price strategy and the technical and sales service of form a complete set, is a very key factor.

Frankfurt exhibition just for exhibitors to provide a comprehensive global strong communication platform, how to seize the target customers, faster and more effectively good better and more timely services to our clients is the exhibition after the trade show should be thinking about. (Led intelligent light)


From the perspective of the LED power supply features of market demand, compatible with DALI adjustable light is one of the more obvious trend, indoor and outdoor lighting products have the demand of DALI adjustable, so drive power supply is compatible DALI protocol will become very critical;

On the other hand, ClassII and SELV also put forward higher requirements for LED power supply: good insulation, low voltage;

Finally, a collection of all kinds of Sensor, such as solar induction, the human body induction, the induction, such as sound movement should be, Wifi, bluetooth, RF and Zigbee wireless control technology, has been gradually became popular in Europe market, in the near future smart home lighting and wisdom city lighting will no longer just a dream. (Led intelligent light)

Overall, this year's Frankfurt exhibition, China LED manufacturers no matter from the exhibition booth number or quality than the previous has obvious improvement, further enhance the Chinese companies in Europe and even the image of the lighting industry in the world. (Led intelligent light)

10.1 the China pavilion is slowly and form their own core competitiveness, looking forward to more communication and cooperation between industry chain upstream and downstream enterprises, common contributing to build intelligent LED industry chain of innovative technologies and solutions. (Led intelligent light)