Generic Relationship Between LED And FPD

- Nov 13, 2018-

Generic relationship between LED and FPD

Flat Panel Display English abbreviation, Chinese translation for flat panel display. Flat panel display (FPD) has become the mainstream of the future TV, but there is no strict definition in the world. Generally, this kind of display screen is thin and looks like a flat panel.

FPD is divided into two categories: illuminating type and receiving type. The light-emitting FPD is classified into a plasma display (PDP), an electroluminescence display (including ELD and LED), a field emission display (FED), a vacuum fluorescent display (VFD), and the like. PDP display technology has two remarkable features: easy to make large-screen display device and convenient for digital driving. It also has the characteristics of true color display, large viewing angle, high contrast, and easy to mass production of device structure and manufacturing process.

These characteristics make people expect PDP to occupy a more important position in the large-screen display market. Light-receiving FPD can be divided into liquid crystal display (LCD), electrochromic display (ECD), electrophoretic display (EPID), ferroelectric ceramic display (PLZT), etc. according to different working principles. At present, in the light-receiving FDP, LCD has become a mainstream product, and it is the most promising flat panel display device today, with broad application fields and good market prospects.

All display products that realize the flattening of display elements can be called flat panel display, and the TV with flat panel display as the core is a flat panel TV product, which defines plasma TV, LCD TV, LCD rear projection, DLP rear projection TV. Flat-panel TV products, and TVs that use OLED, FED, and SED technologies in the future are also flat-panel TV products.


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