Global Street Christmas Lighting PK, Where Attracts You Most?

- Dec 25, 2018-

Jingle bells, jingle bells, stepping into December Christmas season, the streets and alleys of western countries are full of Christmas trees, landmark buildings, streets full of Christmas lights, and even Christmas theme lighting exhibitions. The strong festival atmosphere reminds people of the childlike innocence of the past, and the colorful lights make the cold winter feel warmer. In recent years, the domestic Christmas atmosphere has become more and more intense, and the major shopping malls are carefully decorated. For businesses, the economic effect of Christmas pulling is very considerable. It has been reported that in the eyes of young people, the atmosphere of Christmas even catches up with the Spring Festival. People aged 15 to 45 are most keen on Christmas. Many young people even go abroad to feel the atmosphere of Christmas.

On the occasion of Christmas, Xiaobian collects the beautiful street scenery decorated with Christmas lights all over the world, and presents you with a beautiful Christmas "feast" for your eyes.

Seoul, South Kerean

On December 9, 2018, in Seoul, South Korea, the Christmas celebration of 2018 was held in Seoul along Qingxi River (from Qingxi Plaza to Changtong Bridge). All kinds of lights attracted attention. The celebration will last until January 1 next year.


Athens, Greece

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