Graphene LED Smart Street Lamp Head, Subversive Solution Breaks Through The Bottleneck Of Smart City Development

- May 08, 2019-

01 With the "bar" as the grip, the major cities embrace the arrival of the wisdom era

As early as 2014, the National New Urbanization Plan (2014-2020) listed smart cities as one of the three major goals of China's urban development; in 2016, the State Council issued the “Accelerative Promotion of Internet + Government Affairs”. In the "Guidance Opinions on Service", it is also clear that the goal of accelerating the construction of new smart cities should be accelerated.

Beginning in 2018, many provincial and municipal governments across the country have successively formulated and published urban development plans and action plans. The time nodes are scheduled to be between 2018 and 2020, and the content points to the development and promotion of 5G and Internet of Things.

It is clearly proposed to promote the construction of “multi-function pole”, “one-pole multi-purpose”, “multi-pole integration” and “smart light pole” to realize resource sharing and make basic data and business collaboration layout for smart city construction. . From the first line to the second line, major cities are embracing the arrival of the wisdom era with a new development concept.

02 The wisdom light pole pilot problem is outstanding, and the large-scale advancement is difficult

With the construction of smart cities and 5G rising to the national strategic level, smart light poles as an important carrier of smart cities and 5G base stations, under the pressure of 5G base station layout pressure, the construction of smart light poles is particularly urgent. The upsurge of competition in the construction of hundreds of cities across the country is emerging, and pilot projects in major cities are emerging one after another.

In the process of “practice” and “explore” of the smart light pole pilot, some practical problems have also been exposed: such as complicated engineering, huge cost, many involved departments and unclear operating modes, which make the smart light poles in the process of large-scale advancement. It is difficult.

In today's smart light pole industry has become an "Arena", the number of companies entering the market is increasing, but it can really meet the wisdom needs, and it is not good enough to help the smart light poles continue to upgrade.

So, how can smart light poles be combined with smart city construction? How to effectively balance 5G development? Is there any other development path?

03 Graphene LED Smart Street Lamp Head, Subversive Solution Helps Smart City Development

Based on the original road lamp resources, Minghao Technology successfully developed the graphene smart street lamp head. Through the innovative application of the patented technology of graphene composite materials in high-power urban LED street lamps, the volume and weight of the street light source module are greatly reduced. Small, save a lot of available space inside the lamp housing, built-in integrated LED module, camera, IP broadcast, wireless single light controller, IoT gateway, wireless AP function.

Simply replace the lamp head to realize the transformation of the smart street lamp, completely solve the difficult problem of traditional street lamp transformation; the smart street lamp head realizes the collection and analysis of road information through the built-in intelligent device and gateway, and becomes the node of road video and IoT big data collection and calculation. It is also the key entry point for smart city management.

From the perspective of economy, security and unity, we will truly tap the needs of users and provide a lower cost and more efficient road holographic sensing solution for smart city construction.

At present, Minghao Technology has deployed more than 200,000 tons of graphene cooling LED street lamps in more than 28 provincial-level regions nationwide, and has increased by more than 50% per year. By installing cameras and various IoT sensors in different application scenarios, we use fiber-optic/4G/5G, LaRa/NB-IoT and other narrow-band communication technologies, with smart street lamp heads as the carrier and Alum smart city management platform as the core. Realize the intelligent ecological construction and operation based on road Internet of Things.

So, what are the characteristics and advantages of the graphene LED smart street lamp technology solution?

What are the pain points of smart city construction?

What project application cases are there currently?

What is the actual application effect?

What evaluation and feedback does the owner have for the project application?

How to coordinate development with smart light poles?

During the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition on the morning of June 10, Minghao Technology will unite with Aladdin's all-media in the A section of the Guangzhou Pazhou International Exhibition Center, opposite the Pearl River Promenade 4.1, and release the city's wisdom from the graphene to the Internet of Everything. Manage new solutions."

If you want to know more about the technical solutions of Alum Graphene LED Smart Street Lamp Head, please pay attention to the 2019 Aladdin Forum's “New Ideas for Urban Smart Refinement Management – Smart Street Lamp Head Forum”. The conference site will decrypt you one by one.

At that time, the conference will invite key guests in the fields of smart city, smart management, smart street lamp head, smart grid, smart security, etc., to gather industry resources, link industry ecology, and explore new solutions for smart cities based on smart roads.