Graphene Street Lighting Smart City

- Jan 09, 2019-

It has been put into use in more than 80 cities in China. It can save 450 million yuan in electricity and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 430,000 tons every year. In Huzhou, Zhejiang Province, a company named Mingshuo Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. has changed the direction of traditional domestic semiconductor lighting industry and illuminated more and more cities by combining graphene composite technology with urban LED street lights.——LED intelligent lighting

Graphene is the thinnest and the strongest material in the world, and also the least resistivity material. It has advantages in conduction, heat conduction, high optical permeability and energy storage applications. In 2013, Dr. Chen Wei of Beijing University of Technology set up Mingshuo Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. in Huzhou to start his career, and applied graphene materials to industrialize the research results of high-power LED heat dissipation.——LED intelligent lighting

"Graphene composite material can solve the problem of heat dissipation of LED, and make LED street lamp products show higher light efficiency, energy saving rate and non-destructive replacement advantages. Compared with traditional sodium lamp, the highest energy saving rate can reach 80%, which overthrows the traditional concept of LED street lamp." Chen Wei's research results have revolutionized the urban LED street lamp industry, and related technologies have been declared and authorized more than 20 national invention patents. Mingshuo Science and Technology has also made rapid development, and has gradually grown into a leading enterprise in the field of graphene application in China.——LED intelligent lighting

Innovation is the first motive force of enterprise development. Mingshuo Science and Technology has also formed a strategic cooperation with Zhejiang University. It has taken the lead in realizing the intelligent manufacturing of LED lighting products in China and completed the individualized service of road lighting products in different scenarios.——LED intelligent lighting

"We use intelligent design, industrial control system, intelligent sensor, intelligent processing equipment and intelligent management software to strengthen the development and utilization of industrial data, and create a new intelligent manufacturing mode to support the demand of Mingshuo Technological Graphene Street Lamp for mass customization." Chen Wei said that the low-power intelligent street lamp system will effectively integrate green energy conservation and intelligent application, and help green energy and smart city construction.——LED intelligent lighting

In the past two years, Mingshuo Science and Technology has begun to focus on the research of intelligent lighting technology. Through the deep integration of Internet of Things hardware and lighting products, it operates and independently develops a large data platform, giving lighting products more functions in urban fine management. Based on the innovative application of graphene heat dissipation technology in high-power LED, Mingshuo Technologies has also constructed intelligent large data acquisition and computing nodes over urban roads, providing a "Internet of Things + Video" large data intelligent urban operation scheme.——LED intelligent lighting

New materials, intelligent manufacturing and Internet of Things are the three carriages of innovation and development of Mingshuo science and technology. While expanding domestic market share, enterprises also actively explore overseas markets. Recently, cooperation agreements have been signed with Argentina, Malaysia and other countries to promote the landing of new materials, smart manufacturing, smart lighting and smart city industries in overseas cities.——LED intelligent lighting