Greenman Shining Hongkong's Autumn Lighting Exhibition In The Name Of Love

- Oct 27, 2018-

In 2018, Greenman first put forward the concept of "Scene Art Lamp" in the industry, hoping to bring the Chinese people a new feeling of gentle and elegant art. From the format to the brand, from the product to the market layout, and even the appearance design, Greenman are thoughtful, harsh and refined. "After global polishing and verification, we will conduct a new exploration of China's market, advocating the"Golden Lamp Belt","Colorful Lamp String","Scene Art Lamp","Five Product Series of Comfortable Lighting Ceiling Lamp","We are willing to work with many light cultural project seekers to create domestic elegant art lamp. The feast will enhance the cultural taste of the current urban construction and landscape lighting.

There is a cloud in the book of Shang Dynasty: "people's hearts are dangerous, and Tao's heart is small; Sho Chi," "Only ingenuity can achieve quality, only quality can have dignity." The Chinese people are best at understanding the laws and mysteries of the universe from all things to the operation of the universe, one leaf after another, the ancient rhyme of the oriental culture precipitated for thousands of years. Confidence in Chinese culture will be rekindled, and the lights contain cultural charm, which will also create a new name card for the development of the city.

Chinese sentiment, international fan, good lantern green man!

Address: Hongkong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Time: October 27th -10 30 days

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