Guangbao Expects This Year To Be Better Than Last Year, With A Gross Margin Target Of 14.5%

- Jan 07, 2019-

On January 4, song gongyuan, chairman of guangbao group, said that there are many variables in this year, and guangbao has made sufficient preparations. He hoped that the performance of this year would not be worse than that of last year.

Chief executive officer Chen guangzhong evaluated the overall operation this year as "cautiously optimistic", and expected the industry performance this year will be better than last year, with the full-year gross profit margin as the target of 14.5%.

Lite-on group 4 end teeth, Chen Guangzhong, said first quarter for the traditional off-season, "can't too optimistic", sino-us trade friction if can after the march toward the good direction (cancel 25% tariffs), the second quarter operating is more clear, will be better than the first half, the second half of the main growth momentum remains in cloud computing, and outdoor LED lighting and other undertakings.

According to song gongyuan, guangbao continues to transform its enterprises and focus on improving its profitability, not only changing its business model or adjusting its product portfolio, but also continuing to invest in the core areas of stable development from a strategic perspective.

At the same time, he said, considering good acquisition targets will be related to the core business of light treasure, which will help expand the competitiveness and market share of light treasure group.

Issues in sino-us trade friction, Chen Guangzhong said, according to customer's requirements, will involve DaoZi Ann netcom, the clouds of doubt power production moved to Taiwan, the new expansion of kaohsiung plant is expected to begin in this year, as for automotive electronics is given priority to with Mexico's factory, expanding production has been completed, Vietnam factory is given priority to with production printer, scanner, at present is also expanding, predict to be finished by the end of.

Lite-on group last punishment for public benefits in the investment business, focusing on core business, mobile phone camera module (CCM) transferred to mainland China business news corp. 's stood scene innovation, trading profit driving third quarter gross margin rose to 15.8%, from 28 season highs, doubling profits from the previous season, the term "cumulative first three seasons of after-tax profit of 5.435 billion yuan (note: nt $, similarly hereinafter), dividend per share 2.34 yuan.

Mr Chen said the focus on precision would continue, and as long as there was no future, it would continue to cut its own wrist if necessary. It would continue to optimise its portfolio, he said, but "the scale [of the punishment] in the future will not be as big as it was last year".

Gross margin was 13 percent in the first three quarters of last year, and we hope to target an average gross margin of 14.5 percent this year.

In the fourth quarter of last year, the industry and gross margin will not be better than the third quarter because the product portfolio is not as good as the third quarter.