Guangzhou Road Lighting Project, Chongqing Jiangbeizui Landscape Lighting Project

- Jun 17, 2019-

● guangzhou city center road lighting improvement project (phase ii) started

The second phase of the road lighting improvement project in downtown guangzhou has been launched, which will upgrade some sections of the city without street lights and in need of rectification.

The construction scope of the project includes about 100 municipal road functional lighting and its supporting lighting distribution system in guangzhou tianhe district, baiyun district, yuexiu district, liwan district and haizhu district.

It is understood that the 100 municipal roads to be upgraded include trunk roads, village roads, community squares, subway entrances and other travel Spaces.

Among them: baiyun district 19, including baiyun avenue north, airport road;

21 haizhu district, including pazhou bridge bottom, guangzhou avenue south;

24 liwan district, including zhongshan no. 8 road, dongfeng west road, etc.

19 tianhe district, including subway lide station C exit, pearl river new city station A1 exit;

Yuexiu district 17, including the small north road.

In addition, the project will also set up an independent lighting control system, and can be connected to the existing lighting control system of guangzhou lighting construction management center, to achieve remote control.

● chongqing jiangbeizui landscape lighting project is under public bidding

According to the official website of jiangbei district public resources comprehensive trading center, jiangbei mouth landscape lighting project (preliminary design, construction drawing design) is undergoing public bidding.

According to the bidding announcement of jiangbei mouth landscape lighting project (preliminary design and construction drawing design), jiangbei mouth landscape lighting project plans to carry out landscape lighting construction for 36 buildings and 2 park squares, covering a total length of about 3.7 kilometers along the river in jiangbei mouth central business district.

It includes 20 office buildings, 16 residential buildings, grand theater square and jiangbeizui central square.

"Jiangbeizui landscape lighting engineering construction drawing design specification" shows that the scope of this design is to design landscape lighting, building floodlight lighting, related power distribution system and intelligent lighting control and management system.

It is understood that jiangbeizui landscape lighting project will improve the landscape lighting effect of the building roof and park square through lamps.