Hand In Hand And Wisdom City LED Welcome Huge Business Opportunities

- Jul 16, 2018-

As the building of the intelligent city and the growing popularity of the Internet of things, as an important and indispensable point of entry for the intelligent city, LED is also more and more applied to all aspects of the intelligent city. The intelligent city in the future is not the intellectualization of single node. It is the age of highly interconnected and interconnected Internet of things. The compatibility and interoperability of LED has become the primary consideration for people to choose display terminals.——LED Street Light

LED lighting faces unprecedented opportunities for development

As the natural carrier of smart city development, LED road lighting is facing unprecedented opportunities for development.

Unlike the previous ten cities, the smart city LED street lamp will no longer be limited to lighting and environmental protection, but also to build a smart city application ecosystem in all directions. As the foundation node and carrier of the intelligent city construction, the LED street lamp can connect all kinds of sensors to collect data, and realize the intelligent city network with the intelligent street lamp as the node.——LED Street Light

Dr. Zhou Wuhu, the chief technology officer of HUAWEI, has made a clear overview of the future street lights. He said that the future road lighting will be the +LED lighting of the Internet of things, which combines every street light through the Internet of things. The road lamp as the carrier of the intelligent city scheme, not only the control and maintenance of street lighting, but also a city into a smart city, the sensors, various functions through the street lamp to cover the whole city and the population, while the coverage is dynamic.——LED Street Light

For example, we create a street lighting based lighting network, which allows users to quickly self organize networks with a variety of Internet devices and applications that can not only cover the demand for street lamps, but also cover the needs of the entire Internet of things. In addition, it provides unlimited connectivity on the fast gateway, and puts edge computing on the gateway to achieve edge intelligence. On this basis, the user can also create a platform of intelligence, and put all kinds of Internet of things sensors on the street lamps. The whole architecture allows users to use the street lighting to the Internet of things.——LED Street Light

In addition, the lamp's lamp pole is of unique value, can be placed WIFI to provide wireless coverage, through a sensor directly through a street lamp to the cloud, and even can install a LED display, display city information, and can also turn the street light into a charging rod.

The future road lighting form will be based on the WIFI mode city "Internet", the city "Internet of things" based on the integrated access of the road lamp, and the "Internet" based on the optical wireless network mode of the LED street lamp. It will bring the LED street light into the intelligent city network system and open a sustainable and stable development of the city service. Comprehensive utilization of resources.——LED Street Light

Smart cities bring bigger market space for small spacing

Small spacing LED display, as the terminal of smart city, will have great room for development in the future. At the same time, the small distance LED industry chain has been fully mature, the east wind has been rising, the horn has also been blowing, the future of all things interconnected, the perception of everything is not imagination.——LED Street Light

At present, the user application mode presents an increasingly diversified trend. The application of LED display is becoming more and more popular in various fields. Among them, the advantage of small spacing LED display is more and more obvious. In 2017, the small spacing LED display industry also passed a "bumper harvest year". Small spacing LED shows that the industry has changed from steady development to explosive growth. In this big pattern, the construction of the intelligent security protection system has a more urgent need for the small distance technology, so the industry competition in 2018 is bound to be more intense and the market challenge is bound to be more huge. Smart city has become a new business outlet. It has more and more requirements for maturity, usability and creativity of LED small spacing products.——LED Street Light

In the environment of speeding up the construction of intelligent city and intelligent traffic, when the diversified and complex information is replaced by a single video information as the basis for decision making, the center of dispatch, command and control has become the hub of the construction of the city of Zhi Hui, which is based on the decision of sufficient information group to replace the individual decision based on insufficient information. The demand for visualization of control and related information is extremely urgent. The perfect control room system also brings more market space for small spacing.

Big enterprises are taking action

"China is one of the most potential countries in the world to build the Internet of things." Feng Ye, senior innovation director of Asia, said in a speech in the conference, "combining the most extensive lighting network with mobile operator network in the city, introducing the application and scene adapting to the operation needs of cities around the city, can quickly advance the development of the Internet of things and intelligent cities, and help all the cities to realize the urban operation mode." Intelligent transformation. "——LED Street Light

Since its entry into China in 2017, PHILPS CityTouch flex has been deployed in the three major economic centers in China, including the Yangtze River Delta, Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei and the Pearl River Delta, and installed intelligent interconnected street lamps for more than 10000 sets. Through cooperation with operators such as China Telecom and China Mobile, the narrow band Internet of things (NB-IoT) is promoted to the ground, and the upgrading of the future intelligent city management platform is provided.

He Xiaohui, OSRAM's Asia Pacific market strategy manager, said OSRAM will build a real "smart city" through the introduction of a complete lighting solution. What is a complete lighting solution? He Xiaohui explained that it is not limited to the manufacture of a light source, but a complete set of "luminaire + control + system + software". The lighting scheme has gone beyond the lighting itself. It is no longer a single light individual, but is added to the control system and software and other elements to show a more diversified lighting effect.——LED Street Light

This concept has been successfully applied to many lighting projects in the world by OSRAM. OSRAM has recently launched a new system for smart city. The system takes street lighting as the breakthrough point, carries out intelligent monitoring and management, and combines with the illumination of urban buildings. He said OSRAM will continue to work hard in urban landscape lighting and realize the real "smart city" early in the field of lighting.——LED Street Light

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