Hand In Hand, Wisdom Road Lamp Helps The City To Save Energy

- Aug 01, 2018-

The industrial computer factory is looking at the smart street lamp business opportunities in the field of intelligent transportation, and launching a smart energy saving street lamp solution with the LED packaging plant. It participates in the Taipei municipal government's LED lighting installation reservation project. The 2 year project is expected to complete the replacement operation in the third quarter, which will help reduce the electricity expenditure and build the north city. Become a green city with energy saving.

In order to reduce the trend of carbon reduction for environmental protection and energy conservation, the Taipei municipal government has made use of the energy-saving product solutions developed by various industries to replace more than 160 thousand branch lamps in the city. The standard demand for luminescence is more than 120lm/W, which is 20% higher than the previous light efficiency, that is, 20% electricity can be saved under the same lighting, and the replacement project for 2 years will be in the third season. Complete.——Urban lighting

And the project uses the world's first interactive intelligent lamp post, using both wired power line transmission, and NB-IoT, LoRa, Zigbee and other wireless data transmission architecture, so that the interactive intelligent lamp post control system is more diversified, perfect integration of smart city layout blueprint.

In July 30th, Yan Yang and Yi Guang participated in the "Taipei Taipei city LED street light achievement publication", sponsored by the northern municipal government, to show the latest intelligent and energy-saving street lamp solution. It can learn the operation state of the lamps and lanterns by the remote platform system to save manpower cost and achieve the purpose of energy saving and carbon reduction.——Urban lighting

If we add the smart lampposts further, we can perform the functions of air quality monitoring, vehicle flow monitoring and disaster prevention and control. In addition, multimedia interactive interfaces such as large interactive displays, equipment charging, dancer pedals, network hotspots, and multimedia interactive interfaces, such as photographing, advertising, or local tourism information, will also be made more perfect in the layout of the smart city.——Urban lighting

Xu Zhongming, a senior consultant at Yanyang's new career development department, said that the intelligent lamp post was added to the design of intelligent street lamp, and the remote control platform was developed, combined with the analysis of cloud computing and AI edge operation, so that the information transmission and analysis of the whole system were more rapid and accurate, in addition to improving the efficiency of electricity use, more energy could be provided. Data reference for the use and environmental impact.——Urban lighting

Lin Jianhong, the general manager of Yanyang, previously pointed out that the company focused on the 4 fields of smart retail, manufacturing, transportation and network security. It is a smart street lamp with strong growth in retail and transportation applications. It is the most clear demand in the intelligent city because of the large number of street lamps and wide application areas in the city. One of the initiative of the year.——Urban lighting

Lin Jianhong said that the research and promotion of cooperation with the billion light strategy, built last year in the Taiwan University set up 200 tests, 228 park also has 1 lamp test, the future will also be built in Da'an Forest Park test. Although the actual demand depends on the progress of the bidding process, it is expected that this year the whole Taiwan Smart Street Lamp Labels will reach 15,000, and we hope that we can win 2-3% of the orders.——Urban lighting

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