Hangzhou Yong Electric Lighting: Firmly In The LED Two Packaging Technology R & D Road Down!

- Aug 22, 2018-

Hangzhou Yongdian Lighting Co., Ltd. is located in Hangzhou Yuhang Economic Development Zone, a state-level economic development zone. It is a service-oriented enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. In 2016, it won the G20 Summit Lighting Construction Contribution Award. And lighting services guarantee advanced collectives. The company has "brave electricity" brand and "Ou Ge" brand outdoor LED products.——LED Composable flood light

The company has set up eight sales subsidiaries in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Jinan, Fuzhou, Guangdong, Hunan, Jiangxi and four general agents in Liaoning, Anhui, Sichuan and Chongqing. The company's products have been sold to the United States, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan and Macao and more than 60 countries and regions.——LED Composable flood light

The company has passed the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system certification, has completely independent intellectual property rights of LED secondary packaging technology, products obtained UL, CE, FCC, SASO and other international certification.——LED Composable flood light

Yongdian Lighting has become a well-known brand in the domestic lighting industry with its high-quality products, leading technology, outstanding business philosophy and complete pre-sale and after-sales service. In recent years, Yongdian Lighting is rapidly moving towards the world, striving to create a world-famous outdoor LED brand.——LED Composable flood light

The spirit of Yong Electric: go all out and go ahead and verify in grams.

The purpose of Yong electric company is to win customers by "honesty".

Code of conduct for Yong Dian: uphold the credibility of Yong electric

The principle of courageous action is that it is better to play together than to fight alone.

Yongdian Lighting has a completely independent intellectual property rights of the "LED secondary packaging technology", obtained a number of national patents, so this time to participate in the Shanghai exhibition, to everyone has brought the exhibition of products is the company's own research and development of Yongdian secondary packaging high-power products, including Yongdian this year won the Aladdin Award of 10 Product Award for 9W projection light products.——LED Composable flood light

Yong electric two package of high-power LED lights series

This series of products abandon the traditional waterproof design concept of shell structure, and adopt the design idea of built-in secondary packaging high-power light source. The protection level reaches IP68, which solves the waterproof problem of LED high-power lamp used outdoors for a long time and greatly improves the lamp life. Modular hat eaves shading structure, novel style, compact shape, modular way, can be spliced into more diversified lamps and lanterns, products built-in optical design lens, to achieve high transmission, high efficiency.——LED Composable flood light

And the theme of this section of the scene display of Yongdian Lighting in SILF is: Yongdian high-power lamps and lanterns in the landscape application. Yongdian Lighting will use innovative scenarios to demonstrate the effects of high-power LED projectors in projects such as the Seawater Spray Light Carving Show at Dapeng Bay, Pingtung, Taiwan.——LED Composable flood light

In the National Scenic Area of Mirs Bay, Pingtung County, Taiwan, the water curtain carving show in the center of the Sankong Bridge is the only seawater carving fountain music show in Taiwan. On the bridge pier, Yongdian high-power full-color LED projection lamp is installed to form a row of linear lamp column array. Through the change of light and the contrast of light and shade, the dynamic feeling of waterfall body and the gorgeous splash of water are highlighted. Lamps up to IP68 protection level can be completely waterproof, and salt fog corrosion resistance, can be used in seaside, river bank and other wet areas for a long time.——LED Composable flood light

Although we can't see the dazzling effect of the light sculpture, we can see the sea spray light sculpture of the three-hole bridge in Taiwanese Pingtung Dapeng Bay in the scene display of the SILF Hangzhou Yongdian Lighting, which will surely make us very happy.——LED Composable flood light

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