Heliospectra Then Receive Plant Lighting Orders, Technical Services Renamed

- Feb 25, 2019-

Heliospectra, a Swedish specialist horticultural lighting company, has announced that it is rebranding its technical services as helioCARE.

At the same time, Heliospectra also revealed that it had received orders from the Spanish institute for medicinal plant research.

The helioCARE service portfolio covers optical analysis, planning, custom lighting strategies, installation design and installation support, plant and light training sessions, crop and lighting consulting, cash crop trials and pilot projects.

Heliospectra has the expertise in greenhouse and controlled environment smart lighting technology, providing a team of experts and a full range of services to help growers and businesses increase yields, accelerate harvests, and ensure crop quality and consistency across production cycles.

In addition, Heliospectra announced that it has received an order from a Spanish medicinal plant research institute for an adjustable ELIXIA LED lighting solution to increase its greenhouse production.

In 2018, Heliospectra achieved net sales of 45.37 million kronor (about 38.48 million yuan), up 26 percent year-on-year.

However, gross margin fell 4 per cent due to a shift in pricing strategies and supply chains.