Hella Joined Hands With Audi To Jointly Develop Head Lighting Technology And New Concept Of Interior Lighting.

- Jul 08, 2018-

According to foreign media reports, the German automobile lighting plant HELLA and AUDI co operated to develop a unique lighting technology for the new AUDI A7 Sportback, which can be used for different headlamps such as LED, matrix LED lamps and laser beam high luminance matrix LED. The system uses a new control unit, which can be applied to all lighting functions, and the two sides jointly develop new lighting concepts in the vehicle.——LED Automobile lighting

HELLA's lighting technology has previously been used on the AUDI brand new flagship A8, and will also be used in the A7 car system to provide the best road vision, and its anti glare far light function allows other road users to avoid the glare of the beam. For example, the glare function can automatically cover other traffic participants to prevent glare. Reliable communication between front camera, sensor and headlamp is a prerequisite for the operation of high precision matrix LED with laser beam. The HeLa control unit is responsible for controlling all the functions of the headlight, including the near light, the far light, the continuous light steering light, and the dynamic lighting effects of the head-on and off drivers. Therefore, only one control unit can control all functions.——LED Automobile lighting

AUDI A7 uses 8 control channels to regulate the lighting effect of LED headlamps. This means that the 32 light-emitting diodes of the high precision matrix LED module can be controlled separately. In addition, it also highlights the unique daytime running lights. The A7 headlight contains 12 light distribution partitions. When the driver opens the door, the headlamp will show dynamic lighting effect. At the end of the drive, the reverse lighting effect is displayed when the door is locked. In addition, the control unit is also responsible for controlling the continuous turning of the steering indicator.——LED Automobile lighting

The control unit conforms to the latest functional safety standards. For example, it can automatically adjust the headlamp to adjust the headlamp level to the best position to avoid other traffic participants from getting dizzy. In addition, it is equipped with a "fail safe" mode. The vehicle is equipped with a fail safe system, so the vehicle can still provide enough road lighting for the driver when the fault occurs.——LED Automobile lighting

HELLA not only developed the different dynamic effects and intelligent control functions of headlights with AUDI, but also created a new concept of interior lighting. With the help of optional atmosphere lighting components, dashboard, door trim panel and light guide strip on car door lights create a pleasant interior atmosphere for Audi A7 Sportback. The multicolored air lamp assembly further expands the lighting concept. The front row passenger's dashboard is decorated with chrome emblem with "Quattro" emblem. Lighting at night will show a particularly elegant effect. Audi has adopted special production technology and laser treatment technology to ensure the coating of chrome plated strips. Other light guides on the door and central console further create distinctive lighting effects. The protective panel of car door trim panel and central console is made of chrome plated stripe to create a high-end interior decoration effect. For this reason, the HELLA engineer used a special injection molding process.——LED Automobile lighting

The second generation RGB LED module, developed jointly with AUDI, allows motorists to adjust the lighting color according to their preferences, which constitutes the core of vehicle forming atmosphere lighting.——LED Automobile lighting

Through the setting of the top control unit in the front car area, Hella further realized its lighting and electronic professional technology docking. The control unit includes a SOS button and optional skylight control, cockpit monitoring sensors and microphones according to the vehicle configuration version. The integrated reading lamp is designed with touch. The reading lamp installed at the center of the rear ceiling of the car supports independent brightness adjustment.——LED Automobile lighting

In addition to the lighting and electronics made for A7, HELLA also provides a rich range of products that can bring great additional value to customers, and highlights its vision of actively shaping future travel solutions.——LED Automobile lighting

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