HKU Develops Passive LED Power Supply, Which Saves Maintenance Costs

- Jul 03, 2018-

HKU develops passive LED power supply, which saves maintenance costs

    There are over 140,000 traditional high-pressure nano lamps in Hong Kong, but they are more energy-intensive and environmentally friendly. The "Passive LED Power" floodlights, which are researched and developed by the University of Hong Kong and patented by Hong Kong companies, save nearly 70% of energy compared to traditional high-pressure sodium lamps, and have an estimated life of up to 15 years, compared to the traditional LED streetlights. 5 years old. The technical person in charge acknowledges that the "passive LED power supply" technology cost is higher than the "active power supply" used by the traditional LED street light. However, in the long run, the maintenance cost can be saved for the user and the material is relatively easy to recycle.

    It is reported that the "passive LED power supply" patented by the University of Hong Kong and patented by Federal Group Global Limited can overcome the dilemma of operating in high temperature environment, and can use at least 60,000 hours. It can be used for 4,000 hours per year. It can be as long as 15 years.led bulb light

    Wang Hanbang, chief executive of Federal Group Global Limited, explained that the "passive LED power" technology is not affected by the temperature of the "electrolytic capacitor", and the power supply can withstand the strong radiated electromagnetic interference generated by lightning, so the failure rate can be greatly reduced, thus Reduce maintenance costs.led tube light

    However, Wang Hanbang admits that the cost of "passive LED power supply" is about $1,200, which is much higher than the cost of "active LED power supply" by about $400. However, he quoted a trial plan in Heshan, Jiangmen, referring to more than 300. The use of "passive LED power" technology to drive street lamps has not been damaged for nearly four years, reflecting the maintenance cost.

    According to reports, this new LED lamp won a special award and a special gold medal at the Geneva International Invention Exhibition. A total of 13 lamps have been piloted in Shijiazhuang and Shatian, Hong Kong.

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