Hon Hai Attacked Micro LED To Compete With Samsung For Apple Orders

- May 05, 2019-

Hon Hai Group actively lays out new generation display technology, and launches its undertakings in both the United States and China. In Taiwan, Rong Chuang, Guang Yun and Fan Xuan have invested to build the "Iron Triangle", and through Rong Chuang to carry out multi-national patent distribution. In the United States, eLux, a new venture company, has mastered micro-LED related patents, and Weizhou factory has also introduced the future layout of OLED or micro-LED production lines.

Micro LED is the future star of display technology. Outreach including Apple and other smart phones will be introduced in the future, but there are still a lot of technical problems to overcome. At present, Samsung technology is relatively leading. It has shown the world's first 146-inch consumer modular micro LED TV at the American Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this year. Taiwan factories will gradually change from Mini LED to Micro LED.

The industry believes that Hon Hai Group's push for new generation display technology should be related to winning orders for Apple's new generation mobile phone panels, thereby competing with Samsung.

In terms of the layout of micro LED in Taiwan, Hon Hai relies on Rong Chuang and Guang Yun, the LED factory of Hon Hai Group. Rong Chuang not only owns a stake in eLux, but also joined the board of directors when Guang Yun Dong was re-elected last year. He has a legal person director and a natural person director. He plays an important role in the layout of the LED field of Hon Hai Group.

Rongchuang actively cultivates Mini LED and Micro LED technology. Last year, it has developed Mini LED packaging technology. In the layout of Miro LED products, it aims at applications such as monitor, pen, car and electronic competition.

Rongchuang's main customers include Qunchuang, Sharp, Samsung, Beijing Oriental, etc. It also carries out multi-national patent distribution in Europe, America and Asia. By the end of the third quarter of last year, the total number of patents approved was more than 1,200.

The company also developed the Mini LED and Micro LED products simultaneously, all of which have research and development layouts. Last year, RGB Mini LED dies were developed. The progress of Rongchuang and Guangzhao's future in the field of Micro LED continues to be concerned by the outside world.

In addition, Imec, the world's largest independent microelectronics research and development organization, has also found a sail, and the two sides have jointly developed the "Mold Bugle Machine" experimental machine, which is expected to provide the key production technology of Micro LED for Hon Hai Group. .

Fan Xuan said that the cooperation with Aimeco was successfully settled last year. The Micro LED "grain implanter" experimental machine developed by Imec was also delivered to customers, and the new Micro LED was also received. Transfer of commissioned development orders, but due to the confidentiality agreement signed by both parties, the relevant details could not be disclosed.

In the US, Hon Hai invested in eLux, focusing on the desire to create cost-effective Micro LED technology. eLux previously revealed that it has patented Micro LED fluid assembly and positioning technology to achieve maximum assembly speed, and also shows how to use the fluid assembly transfer method to make displays.

Guo Taiming specially assisted Hu Guohui to disclose that the Weizhou factory has invested in advanced display technology related fields such as Micro LED, and can also cooperate closely with local academic institutions in Weizhou. The Weizhou factory recently reported that the local government may have to re-negotiate the investment content with Hon Hai. However, Hon Hai’s chairman, Guo Taiming, has scheduled to visit Weizhou in May, and the follow-up is concerned.