Hon Hai Micro LED Has A Tight Global Layout. ELux Is On The Line.

- Jul 06, 2018-

Micro LED technology began to be paid attention to the market from the acquisition of LuxVue from APPLE, with the 2017-2018 Micro LED keyword approaching white hot, the manufacturer tightened the speed alliance cooperation. The most notable audience is Samsung and Hon Hai, apart from APPLE and SONY.——LED chip

Hon Hai foreign announcement in 2017, in order to lay out the most promising new generation display technology Micro LED after OLED, the company achieved a portion of eLux shares through its subsidiary CyberNet investment of about $10 million, and the pan Hon Hai Group became the largest shareholder of eLux.——LED chip

In June 2018, Hon Hai's investment in the United States was upgraded from "Fly Eagle" to "Flying Eagle", and chairman Terry Gou pointed out that three states would be selected in the initial stage and three or one year later, and then another three state would be selected. It can be a plan of over $10 billion for five years.——LED chip

In such a huge plan, Hon Hai is no longer a producer, it is an international company based on industrial 4, manufacturing based, and is moving forward to the big data company of intelligent manufacturing and artificial intelligence.——LED chip

At the same time, Hon Hai bought the stock of 7.32% of the LED chip manufacturer from the Catcher Technology in June 2018, and laid out the full color LED chip. To the downstream layout of the brand management, we can see that SHARP has launched 70 inch 8K TV in the CES 2018 exhibition, and is ready to present the results at the present stage of the new plant in Hon Hai.——LED chip

From 2020 to 2020, the pan hung Hai Group will publish Mini LED series with light, glory, group creation and SHARP. The product line covers television, notebook computer, and Monitor. Combined with the previous purchase of eLux, at this point, the Micro LED Hon Hai whole industry chain one dragon pattern, and eLux is the Micro LED industry in Hon Hai the most important part of the puzzle!——LED chip

LEDinside is honored to be invited to eLux, Inc. founder and Paul Schuele to share with you the feasibility and production of Micro LED transfer technology! It is reported that in the patent of eLUX, a patent for fluid assembly and positioning is applied, the patent is mainly characterized by forcing a number of micro devices to be positioned to reach the maximum assembly speed. To understand more details and personally feel the mystery of the mystery of fluid assembly and positioning, welcome to LEDinside Micro LEDforum 2018 on July 12th at the 201 room of the International Conference Center of taicda hospital, Taipei.——LED chip

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