Hong Kong-zhuhai-macao Bridge Officially Opened, Lighting Technology Across The Declassified (2)

- Oct 30, 2018-

Function of illumination

The hong kong-zhuhai-macao bridge has officially opened its lighting technology

港珠澳大桥正式开通 照明科技全线解密

The LED street lamp, LED tunnel lamp, LED landscape lamp, LED overhaul lamp and LED variable information intelligence board used in the hong kong-zhuhai-macao bridge are customized by Shanghai think twice, with a total of nearly 30,000 sets (sets).

Among them, ceramic heat dissipation technology and reflective luminescence technology have been applied to the LED lighting products of the bridge.

港珠澳大桥正式开通 照明科技全线解密

Among them, the black technology LED ceramic modular street lamp is the main lighting lamp for the main bridge project of the bridge. After installation, it will become the dark night eye of the world's longest sea bridge, lighting the bright rainbow.

港珠澳大桥正式开通 照明科技全线解密

The hong kong-zhuhai-macao bridge has officially opened its lighting technology

The LED ceramic modular street lamp is derived from the national project "863". It adopts the self-patented high-power LED lighting unit, the standard module is equipped with the unique lens design, and the ceramic heat dissipation material is combined with the honeycomb convection and heat dissipation technology, which makes the life and maintenance efficiency of the LED street lamp have been improved and improved qualitatively. It is known as the black technology in the street lamp.

港珠澳大桥正式开通 照明科技全线解密

The hong kong-zhuhai-macao bridge has officially opened its lighting technology

Reflective luminescence technology is also the key research result of national 863 program, and has patent technology with independent intellectual property rights.

Lambertian body light pattern distribution and three - dimensional reflector cavity design further improve the reflection efficiency and light evenness and comfort.

No light, bright and not dazzling, for the tunnel access to improve security.

The hong kong-zhuhai-macao bridge has officially opened its lighting technology

In addition, there are other applications for innovative design and application

1. Arc design

Salt fogs and powerful typhoons frequent the sea.

The arc design can not only reduce the accumulation of salt fog and dust into the damaged parts inside the lamp body, but also improve the wind protection level, which can withstand 16 typhoons.

2. Steel locking tongue

In order to further improve the level of anti-salt fog, anti-ultraviolet and high-low temperature resistance of intelligence board, a number of new technologies and new materials were adopted, and the steel products were customized for the bridge with only one locking tongue.

3. Cancel the opening to ensure heat dissipation

There is no opening at the top of the LED lamp.

On the premise of fully dissipating the heat through ceramic heat dissipation technology, remove the opening hole on the top, prevent the invasion of water vapor in the salt fog, and improve the reliability of LED street lamp.

4. Lens customization

Under the condition of uniform illumination, the intensity uniformity is improved to eliminate the effect of zebra crossing.

5. Anti-corrosion spraying

Reinforced anticorrosive spraying, more durable, details see the heart.

6, systems,

The luminance demand of lamps is adjusted from 0 to 100%, which is more energy saving and environmental protection.

Combined with remote centralized control, automatic control and manual control, nightview lighting set can adjust the opening time and section as required, and effectively monitor the lighting color and lamp status.

7. High power factor

The power factor of street lamp and tunnel lamp is greater than 0.

Reduce grid load.

8. Single light control

Set up data processing and visual platform to accurately monitor the running status of each lamp, and provide automatic fault feedback, efficient and convenient.